Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Spring from Oregon

So I have been avoiding posting until I had time to fill out the tag that Wendy put on me! But I couldn't resist not posting any longer. Maisey and I are in Oregon right now. I know you are probably thinking, "You just got home from Spokane!" Well you are right! We were home 3 days, just long enough to start Maisey on real baby food (carrots) and to do some laundry. We have been in Oregon since last Friday and will be here for 2 more days! It has only rained one morning since we have been here. It was been so beautiful and warm. We have enjoyed walks with my mom and Maisey loved playing in the grass today. We went to the carousel when my sister and niece were here. Mais wasn't too sure about that. One thing she is sure about is Grandma! Her and Grandma are best friends. My mom has been so happy to have us here! Enjoy these fun Spring pictures! (It better be like this in Provo when we get back!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Absolutely Beautiful!

Shaun's mom gave us our Christmas present while we were home this weekend. It is a beautiful pastel portrait of Maisey when she was only a few days old. She had it matted and framed, and I love it! We met the artist on Saturday, she is from Italy and she is so sweet. Check these pictures out. Maisey loved to look at herself, and she even kissed it a couple of times! This is the best present Jeanne has ever given us! Thanks Jeanne!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun on the Slopes

We are in Spokane visiting Shaun's family! This is the first time that Maisey has been to Spokane, and Grandma is having so much fun showing her off to all of her friends. Maisey did really well on the flights over and on the way we had a lay over in Boise. Shaun's grandparents were able to meet us at the airport. We all had fun visiting with them, and Maisey enjoyed seeing them! Great Grandma Grimmett gave Mais a fun Valentine's bear and she loves to play with it now. On Saturday we went to Mt. Spokane and went night skiing. I had not been skiing or snowboarding for 8 years. I was so excited to go, but once we got there I got pretty nervous. It turns out that I was better than I remembered so I was able to keep up with Shaun and his Dad. I snowboarded with Shaun's brother Nick, and Shaun and his dad skied. I think I said to Shaun "This is so fun" about 100 times. I loved it, but I woke up incredibly sore this morning! Oh well! Shaun's mom and brother baby sat Mais up in the lodge and they all had so much fun together! This has been a great weekend!

Great Grandpa Grimmett, Shaun, Maisey, and Great Grandma Grimmett at the Boise Airport

Great Grandpa Grimmett and Mais just hanging out!

Mais and Great Grandma Grimmett with her new Valentine's bear

Before we left, Maisey and Daddy switched hats! They are so silly together!

Shaun and I on Mt. Spokane! This was before any wipe outs!

Our little fam on a dinner break!

Sorry... this picture is side ways and I don't have time to go back and fix it! Nathaniel and Mais hanging out in the lodge!

Mais and Grandma Grimmett having fun together! They have really bonded this trip!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, Shaun had class at 8 this morning, then he went straight to work until 4 am tomorrow morning, so we didn't see much of him today! This year Maisey was my Valentine, and no offense to Shaun, I think Maisey is the cutest Valentine I could have. We went shopping today, and this evening we did laundry so we could pack our luggage. We leave tomorrow to head up to Spokane to visit Grandma and Grandpa Grimmett. We are all so excited. Maisey hasn't seen her uncles since Thanksgiving. They will be so surprised about how much she has changed! We hope you all had a nice Valentine's day and were able to share it with some one you love!
What a Cutie!

So... Maisey is really into playing with her tooth brush and often brushes her "teeth" with the wrong end!
It is so fun to see her scooting her little legs. She is getting ready to take off!

Maisey's 6 Month B-day Party

This is what the cake actually looked like...

This is what the cake was supposed to look like!

Maisey and Daddy helped Mommy make the cake. Mais was just wondering what all of the noise was, so Shaun showed her!

These are some of Maisey's friends. They came in spurts!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still new at this!

So, I just realized I spelt reminiscing wrong, and I haven't figured out how to edit posts! So sorry to all of you that you have to read my misspelled word... and if anyone wants to shed some knowledge on how to edit posts that would be great! I am still pretty new at this!

Random but Great Weekend...

This is attempt number 1 at Maisey's 6 month birthday cake! Hopefully there will be a success story that I will post later on in the week!
"If you think I am messy, you should see my mommy!"

Shaun shaved his head this weekend, and Maisey loves to play with it! Somtimes she gets rough!
Mais is getting so good at holding her own sippy cup. She loves to drink water. Look how dang cute she is!

My sister, Kelsey, brought us over some "balls" (Sixlets). We were reminicing about my Dad on Saturday and I was telling her that I remember when he would take us to 7-11 and buy us balls! (That is what we would call them when we were little!) So she surprised me with a whole bag of them just for me! Of course, Maisey loved to play with the bag, so I shared!

So there is something wrong when the 6 month old daughter is sitting in the big chair, and the 25 year old dad is sitting on the foot stool! This girl is SPOILED!!!
K, I think that pretty much sums up our weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maisey Loves...

So... we broke out the Valentine's Day outfits. She was having fun crawling on Shaun and I couldn't resist taking this picture. She is so much fun!

I like this so much better!

I have been so impressed with everyone else's blogs from this site, that I thought I would switch over. I am still going to keep for when I download lots of pictures for the fam to see, but for the day to day posts I will now be using this! I am so excited.