Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paci, New Toys, Dead People, and Dentist

I have a friend who updates her blog everyday! She seriously amazes me. I keep saying I'm going to try it but I obviously haven't yet! So until I make it happen, I think I am going to stick with weeks at a time!

 Last Week in Review:

Kate, Brock, and Jett spent their last day in Oregon up at our house. 

 Miley got sick of sharing her toys with her cousins, so she took matters into her own hands. Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent?

 We decided after our trip to Sunriver, it would be time to be paci free. Before naptime, I cut the paci apart and then showed Miley that it was broken. She wanted nothing to do with it and kept saying it was yucky.

 So it went in her garbage

 and she had a great nap! 

 Leading the music for FHE!

The no paci at naptime was so great, but that night she cried off and on all night. :( It made for a very tired mama the next day.

 Defeat: when a kid wants a snack soooo bad they will try from any angle to get it out of the two inch gap that the baby proof latch provides. And then they will come crying to mom when it won't come out.

 We went to the store so the kids could spend their money they earned during spring break. Maisey had her heart set on some characters from Frozen, but we didn't find any. She decided to save her money until the Disney store at the mall got them in stock again.  Gage, on the other hand, didn't have any trouble finding things to spend his money on.

 He got some hot wheels racers and a semi truck with a helpcopter! He was pretty proud to pay for those toys all by himself.


 I put our broken treadmill on Craigslist for free! Within an hour we had two people wanting it! I was so happy to get rid of that thing! It hadn't turned on for a year and it was just collecting dust! 

 I went to run errands that night! It's amazing how many stops you can make when you don't have kids to get out of the car at every stop! I got so much done including finding this pair of shoes for Gage. I've been searching for navy blue Nikes for him for over a month. At this point, I didn't even care what  brand they were any more, he just needed new tennis shoes! He was still awake when I got home (no surprise!) so he tried them on and ran around the house testing out their speed!


 The night before when I was running errands Dad built Maisey a fort. After breakfast, I was looking all over for Miley!

 I found this mischievous girl just lounging in her sissy's fort!

 I bought this shirt for Miley while running errands the night before. She is always yelling "Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada!" I thought this fit her perfectly!

 And Gage sporting his new shoes again! Apparently he needed new jeans as well. Ripped knees and high waters are the new thing, didn't you know?

 On our way to run an errand, we stopped at our church building to drop off some food for a luncheon after a funeral. I was talking to my friend in the church kitchen and Gage had wandered off! All of a sudden he came running back in rattling off, "MOM!!!! I saw the dead lady! Why does she look so weird? Will her body ever walk again? How come she died?" We quickly made our way to the car and had a nice discussion about death. That was Gage's first time seeing a dead body!

 Sibling love at the $ store, inside the dirtiest car shopping cart I have ever seen!

 Gage may have taken a 3 hour nap that afternoon, and I may have let him sleep that long so I could work on some stuff!

 And, we paid for that 3 hour nap until 11:00 pm that night. 
So Gage got to join us in our workout! 


 I took Miley shoe shopping with me and she would only try on boots that were five sizes too big and the wrong gender! She screamed anytime I showed her a pair of girls size 6 shoes. :( I just bought her a pair and  I'm hoping they will fit for Easter!

After shoe shopping, we headed to the mall for a bit. I parked the stroller in front of the little TV at Gymboree and was shopping around. I went to check on Miley and saw the paci in her mouth! She found the spare in my purse that was hanging on the stroller. She was so proud of herself for finding it. And that sent all progress made during the week down the drain. :( She never fell asleep during naptime.


 We spent the morning at Gage's school playground clean up. It was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop us! Maisey was an awesome big sister and watched Miley for the first hour for me! 

 Swinging on the big girl swing!

 They were building a dig pit on the playground and needed fill dirt moved over to it. The kids loved filling wheel barrows over and over again!

 We had to leave the playground clean up early so we could make it to the kids' dentist appointments! This girl has the routine down and didn't even need me in the room with her. I poked my head in for a minute to snap this pic and to ask the dentist when he thinks she will loose her first tooth. The poor girl is the only kid in her class who hasn't lost a single tooth. Sadly, he thinks it won't be until at least Christmas time. She was pretty bummed!

 We spent most of our time in the room with Miley. This was her first appointment and she actually did better than I expected! I ended up in the chair with her and she actually let the dentist look at her teeth! She is getting to be such a big girl!

 This dude chilled the whole time and watched Lego Batman! When the dentist came in he just opened his mouth wide and continued on with his show! 

Perfect teeth for all 3 kids! :)

On the way out of the dentist, Shaun realized he didn't have his wallet, and we had promised the kids lunch! We ran home real quick and picked it up and then headed south for some lunch and errands!

 Panera Bread was our lunch stop, surprised?

 I ran into Lowes to get some paint and saw this bench! I was just telling my mom that I wanted a bench for our front porch. This is the bench for me!!! I seriously covet this bench! But buying new tires, new contacts, and other household projects this month, it wasn't in the cards for me that day! Maybe later in the year? 

Shaun went to the Priesthood session of General Conference at the Stake Center so my mom came up to my house to discuss projects with me! I love that my mom is so close so I can bounce ideas off of her! We were still working hard when Shaun got home and we all ended up laying around talking until late in the night! You know, since we didn't have to get up for 8 am church the next day!

Hallelujah conference weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break: Chores, Sunriver, Daddy's Birthday

We counted two Saturdays ago as the first official day of Spring Break. We got some chores done around the house and ran a few errands.

We did Daddy's Red Robin birthday celebration a little bit early because we would be out of town for his birthday!

Grammy came along with us and I have to say that the 1 adult to 1 kid ratio at a restaurant was so nice. This was our most successful restaurant outing in a long time, which is encouraging!

That afternoon my sister and her two boys flew in! They stopped by on their way home to say hi and visit for a bit! Jett warmed up to me quickly. . . until he realized I wasn't his mommy. Then he wanted nothing to do with me!

On Monday I introduced chore charts! The kids have been begging for more Lego sets and so this was a good opportunity to teach them about the worth of money, paying tithing before you get what you want, and shopping around for a good deal.

Miley wanted in on the action, unfortunately, she did not have a chore chart! She would happily accept snacks as payment!

One of the jobs on the charts was to make your bed and get dressed by yourself each morning. Gage was so proud of his bed this day! 

Give a kid a sponge and anything can be fun, right? 

Maisey was a trooper and did an amazing job on each of her chores. She even earned an extra check mark on scrubbing the baseboards because she was working so hard!

ON of the jobs on the chart was reading for 15 minutes each day. For Maisey that is so easy, but for this guy it can be a struggle. I loved finding him vegging in the chair with a book.

One of the kids was a lot more motivated and understood the concept behind the chart. The other kid needed lots of reminders and positive praise to get his check marks! But they did pretty good considering we went on vacation the second half of the week!

Little missy and her shoe obsession!

We met up with some friends at the neighborhood park. Maisey was hauling around all four of these kids in the wagon. She was such a good big sister and friend!

On Tuesday, we were supposed to have a play date with a girl in Maisey's class and her sisters but one of them had worms (?!?) so we cancelled that! We spent the day running errands and birthday shopping for dad. The playdate sounded a lot more fun to the kids but at least we don't have worms, right?

Wednesday was the day we were all looking forward to! Daddy was coming home from work a bit early and we were taking off for Sunriver! The kids may have sat in the van for an hour waiting for Dad to get home, they were just too excited! Do you like their lanterns hanging from the hooks? That was totally their doing!

And. . . this is what spring break in Oregon looks like! I was hoping for sun not snow, but oh well! It was beautiful to look at and I was glad I wasn't the one driving!

We were there. . . FINALLY!!! This babe was so excited!

Gage slept in the car on the way over so he wasn't very tired at bed time! He got to stay up and play games with us for a bit!

But then we kicked him out so we could get our Pitch Perfect on! That movie never gets old!

The next morning we set off to go sledding. We figured with all of this snow this year we would have a great time. Not the case. :( We pulled off the highway to our normal sledding hill and an incident response truck and police car pulled over behind us. They informed us we couldn't park there and had to find a different spot. We've sledded there the past 3 spring breaks, so we were a bit disappointed. We packed all of the kids back in the car and headed up to Mt. Bachelor to sled there. It was soooo windy and cold, I was glad we weren't skiing this year! Do you see the snow blowing?

We hiked up the huge snow bank and my mom snapped this pic for us!

We tried sledding, but the snow was so powdery and we would just sink down in it, and not actually go down the hill. So we called it quits, and accepted our major sledding fail this year!

It warmed up by the afternoon, so we played outside for a bit.

We did a lot of bike races around the loop.

And Gage could pop a wheelie on this little bike. He thought it was so cool until he did it too high and fell over backward!

Kate's family came over with us. The kids enjoyed spending time with their cousins that they only see twice a year!

We played a lot more games, and ate lots of treats!

Friday morning was Shaun's birthday! I let him sleep in for a bit while we made his favorite breakfast, waffles with strawberries and whip cream!

Then he opened gifts! He got boxes of his favorite mints from Gage and Miley, the second book in the series he is reading from Maisey, and golf clothes, shoes, and lessons from me! I can't wait for his lessons to start. I really think he is going to have a blast!

We spent the rest of the morning ice skating and hanging out at the village. Gage was an animal with the walker thing and would fly around the rink! He only crashed into someone one time. Oops!

We stopped at Goody's for ice cream before heading home for naps!

After naps the kids put on a birthday concert for Shaun!

Then we had his birthday dinner and birthday pie!

Maisey helped me make the pie and was very proud of how it turned out!

On Saturday, we spent some time playing with the cousins before they had to leave.

 On their way out, we all stopped at the village for a train ride!

Took one last picture with Grammy, and then said good bye!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and spending time as a fam! 

And playing games on our phones of course!

We had such a fun time in Sunriver and a pretty successful spring break! 
Now back to the normal life.