Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today would be a great day to have this baby. My hair is done, my nails are freshly painted, my legs are shaved, my eyebrows plucked, our bills are paid, our house is clean, the laundry is done, our fridge and cupboards are mostly stocked, and my bag is finally packed! I'm not sure all of those things can be said tomorrow or any other day in the next week and a half.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gage Turns 3!!!

I can't believe how big my baby boy is. 
I can still call him that since his lil sis hasn't made her debut! 
We celebrated his birthday on Saturday afternoon, because Mondays are busy at our house!
We went to the Family Fun Center and did "race cars",
then went to Red Robin for dinner,
then came home for presents and his Toy Story cake!
He had a super fun day and kept singing Happy Birthday to himself!
He sure is a cutie!

 Gagey got to ride first with Daddy! He was a little nervous, but mostly excited!

Then it was Maisey's turn. 

They each got to go twice, and I wasn't sure if I would even fit behind the wheel of a go-kart, and even if I did, wasn't sure it was a great idea with the babe, so Shaun did all the driving for all 4 turns! Lucky him!

 Each of the kids waited in line with Grammy! I couldn't believe how patient they both were.

Gagey showin us how old he is!

 His birthday dinner: Mac N' Cheese, fries, and ketchup! Yum!!!

 He loves when the waiters sing to everyone else, but he got pretty nervous when they sang to him. But he scarfed down the ice cream pretty quick!

 He was really anxious to get home and open his presents! They had been tempting him in mommy's closet for a day. He knew exactly which one he wanted to open first!

 A new race track!

 Grammy got him a Lightning McQueen tent so he can have a sleep over at her house after the baby is born.

 I went SIMPLE this year, and took him to Safeway, let him look through the cake book and pick which ever one he wanted! Of course we ended up with Buzz and Woody! 

 I couldn't get the knife fast enough. He wanted cake, and he wanted it now!

 He shoved his whole piece in his mouth,

told me he was all done,

then got to some serious car racing business!!!

He had such a fun afternoon! I loved watching him get so excited about every little thing!

Here is his 3 year old Birthday Interview:
(His answers are first, I added answers just so I can record him more at this age!)

What are your favorite toys to play with?
Cars and motorcycles
(Train table, stick horse)

What are your favorite foods to eat?
(Hot dogs, chips, ketchup, cupcakes, cheese and crackers, mac n' cheese)

What is your favorite color?

Where is your favorite place to go?
(McDonalds, park, nursery, Pump it Up)

What makes you happy?
Mommy kisses
(Snacks, reading books, playing, not running errands with mommy)

What makes you sad?
(When his sister is mean to him, when he gets owies)

Who are your friends?
Angela, my monkey
(Peyton, Porter, Hudson, Brody, Grammy, Gabe)

What shows do you like to watch?
(Thomas, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake, Cars, and Toy Story)

What books do you like to read?
(Down By the Station, Trains, Rollin on the Rails, Potty Train)

What songs do you like to sing?
Jingle Bells
(Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Popcorn Popping, Sunbeam)

What's your favorite thing about having a birthday?
Toy Story cake
(That one pretty much sums it up!)

Happy Birthday my BIG 3 year old!

Last Week

Last week was a pretty hectic one! Here is a brief recap!

Shaun and I went to the Blazer game! They lost by 25, but the entertainment was some of the best!

Our favorite was when all of the old workers got out on the floor and danced with the dancers! It was seriously hilarious!

Thursday was Grandma Grimmett's birthday. The kids colored her pictures and then we mailed them to her!

Also on Thursday, a couple of my friends threw me a great baby shower. It was so cute and fun, and there was great food.
Here we are playing a game. We had to cut out pieces of pictures from magazines and create "babies" Then I got to look through them all and pick my favorite.

This is the one I picked. Although, I know I'll never get a baby with blonde hair!

Maisey helped me open presents! What I really needed was diapers, and that is mostly what I got! :) I got a few really cute outfits as well, and some blankets, and my favorite: a car seat canopy! I really wanted one with this baby and didn't know where to buy them! My friend (who also hosted the shower) made me one and I LOVE it!

Cute rattle cupcakes that were super yummy!

My stack of diapers! 
The top is a diaper cake wrapped in bath towels and wash cloths! 

Friday was kind of a frustrating day. It started with me waking up at 3:30 with contractions and not being able to go back to sleep. Then Gage woke up at 6 AM!!! :( My contractions had slowed down quite a bit by lunch time. I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon and I was really hoping for good news since I was having contractions all morning. My dr. joined a practice recently, and this was my first appt. at his new place. I HATED it. I had to wait forever just to be called back (which I NEVER used to have to do). There was no cell phone reception in the waiting room so I couldn't surf the web, return messages, etc. I had to carry my own pee over to the lab (GROSS!), and I had a nurse I've never seen before and had no idea about my history (at his old office, he had one nurse, and she knew me by name and she knew everything about me.) The doctor finally came into to see me, my blood pressure was really high, he checked me (I was not dialated and 50% effaced), and I wanted to cry! I was really hoping he would just say, "Oh you are close, you should just head to the hospital now!" haha! I guess I should lower my expectations for next time. 

When I walked out of my appt. this picture came through on my phone (remember: there was no cell reception, grrrrr!)

My sweet little guy snoozin away at my friend's house, SUCKING HIS THUMB! I've never seen him do that before, but it sure brightened my day a little!

Then it got worse! Gage got his haircut that evening and he actually did really well. He looks so much older right after a haircut! Then we went to Costco. I don't know why I ever take both kids to Costco at the same time. They are a disaster!!! They were both out of control, screaming, egging each other on, super wild! And I had Shaun there to help with them. He ended up just taking them out to the car and sitting with them while I finished the shopping. It was embarrassing/frustrating. Then I went to Wal-Mart where they were out of milk (?) and my vanilla wafers. :( I ended up just getting in bed at 9 pm and writing my baby shower thank-you cards (that I bought, GASP!) and going to sleep.

On Saturday, I had a mini-meltdown in the morning, mostly because of Friday's events. Got over it pretty quick, and headed to T-ball!

Which was a big muddy mess! Gage did a little better this week, but he still mostly sat and ate the mud! At least he didn't run to the park this week.

After naps on Saturday, we went and celebrated Gage's birthday! That post is to come!

Sunday was quite a day, filled with lots of emotions. It was my dad's birthday, and Shaun and I had to give talks in Sacrament meeting. I think they went pretty well, I was just glad to have them over with! Maybe we can sneak by another 3 years before we have to give them again! :) Also, on Sunday I got to go visit my newest Beehive who just turned 12 on Friday! I'm way excited to have her in my class! She is a cute girl. After naps, we headed to the cemetery to visit Papa who lives in heaven! The kids were wild, like Gage was climbing up tombstones wild, so Shaun chased them around while my mom and I got to sit and talk. We sure miss him!

The kids each had a little bouquet of yellow tulips for him.

Also, on Sunday, Shaun got the baby's car seat all ready to go! I had washed the car seat cover last week, but once it dried it never made it back on. So he made the straps the smallest they go, put the cover back on then we tied on the canopy that I got from the shower! It's sooo cute! 

We are totally ready for this little girl to come!

Luckily, this next week won't be so crazy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

All Caught Up

I had three goals this week:

1) Catch up on the blog
2) Write my sacrament meeting talk for Sunday
3) Finish reading "On Becoming Baby Wise" so Shaun can also finish reading it before the baby comes

I accomplished #1 today! 
All caught up just in time for the Blazer game, the baby shower, Gage's birthday and who knows? Maybe even a new baby all in the next week!
And to be honest, #3 will probably happen before #2 and Saturday night will roll around and then I'll be really stressed and mad at myself that I let #2 wait that long.

Oh well, here's to another busy week!


FHE: Baby Prep

For tonight's FHE, we went on a field trip! We took the kids to the store and let them each choose a little gift to bring to the hospital for the baby when she is born. It was interesting to say the least. Gage thought he was getting a toy for himself and Maisey went from picking a toy, to picking bibs, to bath toys, to jammies, to outfits, back to jammies, back to toys, then finally back to outfits.

 And no FHE field trip is complete without ice cream!

This is what we ended up with. 
We coaxed Gage into a car seat toy that I wanted to eventually get anyway and Maisey picked out a onsie that she dragged on the Walmart floor on the way up to pay. But she's very excited about it and can't wait to take a picture with the baby wearing it.

Random Catch All

These pics don't really have a post of their own, but still things that have been happening around here lately!

We had Shaun's birthday dinner during General Conference weekend. He requested this strawberry pie, which he gets every year, and this is the first time in 7+ years that I have actually made it right! :) I was pretty dang proud. We only put two candles in the pie because this is his last birthday in the 20's! Next year, he graduates to three candles! :) He's not too excited about that.

 You can't really tell in this picture, but I painted Maisey's nails one morning and Gage wanted in on the action so I painted his white so they weren't very noticeable and here he is blowing them dry. He wanted pink really bad so I painted one toe on each foot pink! He loved to show everyone who came over his "pretties!"

 I did some serious cleaning two weeks ago! I made a list of a bunch of things that I wanted to clean before the baby came.and went to work. As I would work on one thing I would notice something else that needed to get done and get distracted doing that. One of those distractions were the windows in our house. I guess I didn't realize how disgusting they were. These were the Lysol and Windex wipes that I used for ONE window! It really grossed me out, so I went around and cleaned every.single.window in my house including the track, frame, sill, and blinds. It took me a whole day, and the next day I couldn't walk, actually really move at all. But now my windows are sparkling clean! :)

 Shaun and I got to go on a date night last weekend. We went to dinner for his birthday (La Hacienda, YUM!!!) then he was nice enough to run a bunch errands with me. We went to Motherhood Maternity to look for a cute springy shirt, that wasn't black. . . or too small,  I could wear on Easter. It was fun to shop around with him. Sometimes I forget how funny he is! Oh, and he also had the nerve to strap on the cotton 1/16 lb. stomach in the dressing room and tell me he doesn't know what I complain about, being pregnant isn't that bad! Like I said, I forget how funny he is! :) Also, this was the first night that I started having contractions. They've continued on almost every day since then, but still very irregular!

 Have you ever seen the People of Walmart website? Well, if there was a Cars of Walmart site, I would have submitted this picture! Yes, those are eyelashes on the headlight! 

 I've been bugging Shaun to fix this shelf in the garage for me for a while now, and it finally got done last weekend! Now I can fit bins under the shelf as well as on and above the shelf! My garage is sparkling clean (he even vacuumed it for me!) and we got our new freezer in it's place and ready to go!

 Maisey picked this beautiful bouquet of "flowers" for me from our friend's yard! Isn't she sweet?

And this little maniac helped me triple the no-bake cookie recipe last weekend, and made me re-measure the peanut butter after he ate about a half cup!

Wheel of Fortune

We went to the Wheel of Fortune tapings a few weekends ago. It was way fun, just not as fun as I thought it would be. They taped two shows during the session that we had tickets for and those shows will air on May 17 and 18. It was college week, so the contestants weren't super good. We got most of the puzzles before they did. And, I've never been to a taping of a t.v. show before. I didn't realize how long they take and how much down time there is. During one of the many times when we were left waiting for a while, Vanna came out into the audience and talked with people and let people ask her questions. It was fun to see her so close in person. And Pat was pretty cool too! On the show, the set looks like everything is all nice and close, but really it's pretty spread out. And there were people in the aisles telling us when to clap. After 3+ hours of clapping, my hands hurt really bad! We couldn't take phones or cameras in (although some people somehow snuck them in) so I don't have any pics from that night except for these!

 In the parking garage, getting ready to walk up to the Convention Center.

And the totally cool blinky pin that we got as souveniers! I really wanted to wear mine the next day, but Shaun was kind of embarrassed. I'm not sure why!

It's still my dream to be on that show one day. . .

Tulip Festival

On Saturday after T-ball we headed to the Tulip Festival! It was a beautiful day and the fields weren't muddy at all, which I was surprised about. We ate some yummy food (Maisey begged for curly fries which cost $5 then ate 5 of them, yes that's an average of $1/fry!), rode the hay ride out to the fields, did the duck races, shot some bow and arrows, and we let them choose one kid activity that took tickets. All week the kids had been talking about riding the ponies, but when we got there, they opted for the jump houses even though they did that last weekend at Bauman Farms and earlier that week at Pump it Up. But they had fun and didn't whine when we passed the ponies.

 Maisey was the photographer for this picture!

 And this picture. She even made me pose like that! Haha!

I love the tulip fields and I love the pictures we get in the each year. It's fun to go back and compare them to the years past. Next year, we'll have two little girls in the pictures! Can't wait!