Thursday, July 30, 2009

The WORST Chuck E' Cheese Birthday Party Ever (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Party was held at my Mom's nice AIR CONDITIONED house! We ate our pizza, opened gifts, and had Dora cupcakes!
Maisey got a really cute princess dress-up set from Aunt Jeanne!
She looked beautiful!

Our yummy Dora cupcakes!

Maisey has this weird fetish -- She doesn't like her hands to be dirty. So she ate the cupcake off the table so she wouldn't get frosting on her hands!

When we got home, she wanted to wear her new princess night gown for bed!
She had a great time at her party, even though it didn't go exactly as planned!

The WORST Chuck E' Cheese Birthday Party Ever (Part 1)

We had a "cousins" birthday party for Maisey on Tuesday night at Chuck E' Cheese. Maisey was saying all afternoon, "I'm Excited, I'm Excited." She could not wait to go! Shaun met us there from work and as soon as we walked in I could tell that they either didn't have air conditioning or it was broken.

*Just as a side note, we have been having RECORD BREAKING temps here all week. Yesterday our town got up to 108! On Tuesday, it was 106.

So we ordered our pizza and got tokens for everyone and after 10 minutes of being there we decided it was TOOOO Hot! Everyone was drenched in sweat! (Maybe TMI, but it's the truth!) We made the kids hurry and finish their tokens and we got our pizza to go, gathered up the gifts and headed to my mom's house to finish up the party! We were only at Chuck E' Cheese for like a half hour! Maisey was totally bummed, but her hair was so sweaty, it looked like she just got out of the bath!

We later heard that their air conditioner as broken! That would have been nice to know BEFORE we spent all of the money on disgusting pizza! :)

Despite the heat, Maisey had a great time and didn't want to leave!

Clayton giving Derick his first tractor ride!

Shayla loves Chuck E' Cheese just as much as Maisey!

Alex, Madi and Jenn having fun with the games!

Maisey loves to play Ski Ball but did not want any help from Mommy! She would crawl up the machine and drop the ball in! Too bad she dropped the ball in the hole with 0 points every time!

Look how RED her cheeks are! It was so DISGUSTINGLY hot in there!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cousin Photoshoot

A few days before Kate's wedding we headed up to the temple so she could go to the distribution center. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a cousins photoshoot on the beautiful temple grounds. . . plus Grandma bought them all matching outfits!
Making sure they are all situated!

These cousins sure do LOVE eachother!

Best Pals!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Like I said before. . . this has been a CRAZY busy month. We've done tons of fun things with a few more exciting acitivties to look forward to.
We went to a movie in the park. It was Madagascar 2. Maisey had fun with all of her friends, but she wasn't that interested in the movie. . . just the treats!
Grandma came to visit us! She was surprised by how much Gage had grown since the last time she was here 6 weeks ago!

Daddy has been a trooper this month. . . Doing anything I ask of him and often being left with not only our kids, but my sister's kids too.

We mde these stepping stones for my mom's birthday!

We have run our kids ragged.
I put Maisey in her bed one night and she started reading her FAVORTIE book from her FAVORITE aunt to all of her friends. She only made it to the title page!
Stay Tuned. . . More to come!


Maisey was SO excited to go to the temple for "Princess Kate's wedding".


The Wedding Party

Blair doesn't know what he got himself in to! :)

The Reception Line

Bride and Groom

The reception was held in our Stake President's yard. He owns a nursery and takes very good care of his property. It was absolutely beautiful and by the evening the weather was PERFECT with a light breeze.
Congrats Katelyn and Blair!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Family Dinner

Uncle Ron, Derick, Kristi, Gage

The Bride-to-be and her Beautiful Mom!

Maisey and the boys! Connor, McCoy, Maisey and Alex having a blast on the helicopter!

Look at all those people! There were over 50 people at the family dinner the night before the wedding! It was so fun to visit with everyone!
After the family dinner I went to my mom's to work on the center pieces for the reception. By the time I got home it was 1 AM! I woke up at 3 AM to feed Gage and then I hopped in the shower to get my self ready so I could be down at my mom's at 5 AM to get Kate ready! 2 of my cousins came down to help! Kate looked incredible. . . if I do say so myself! :)
Wedding pictures to come. . .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Successful Garden

I just downloaded TONS of pictures to my computer from all of our events this week. In my July 2009 picture folder we have 1276 pictures! That is disgusting! We have been so BUSY this month! And we are doing some fun things this week that we will be taking pictures at. My goal for this week is to put up a post a day!

Tonight's post is our garden! It has EXPLODED! Shaun and I spent a little bit of time out there tonight. So I decided to take some pictures.

These are our pumpkins! They are huge and have totally outgrown their raised garden box. I think I will have enough pumpkins to send to my mom's classroom. One for each of her students. I've never planted a garden before, but I guess you're not supposed to plant like 30 pumpkin seeds in a 4' x 4' box!

How was I supposed to know?

These are our cucumbers. We picked 15 tonight. Our total crop picking to date is 31. We have enjoyed eating cucumbers in vinegar! YUM! If anyone lives around here and wants some cucumbers PLEASE let me know!

We have 3 watermelons growing on our vines. This one is our biggest one!

These are our Marionberries. We have already gone through 5 pickings. We've made milkshakes, cobblers, and freezer jam, as well as just freezing several bags full of them. (And we've given TONS away!) They are a delicious mix between a raspberry and a blackberry. We just can't pick these things fast enough. I was our there tonight after dark picking them with the light from a flashlight! I just don't have enough time in my day! We also have some random bunny rabbit living in the bottom of these. Don't really know where it came from but it's out there about 75% of the time! Kind of fun for Maisey.

The HUNDREDS of green beans that Shaun and I picked tonight! Once again if ANYONE wants some green beans let me know! There is NO WAY we will eat all of these!

Count them... There are 15!

It has been SO fun seeing our garden grow! Not pictured are tomatoes, strawberries, and sunflowers.
I just can't believe that most of these things came from tiny seeds in the ground and now we have an ENORMOUS garden. Heavenly Father's creation is AMAZING!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 Months

Gage is 3 months old today!
We are FINALLY starting to get all of his fussiness figured out!
He is on his 3rd prescription (a special compound prescription that only 1 pharmacy in our area makes and it is EXPENSIVE!) and he is on Soy formula. The combo of these two things is helping my boy to be a happy baby, which is helping me to be a happy mommy!
*Tidbits about Gage*
*Still lovin' his bouncy! As long as he is well rested, fed, and has a dry diaper, he will hang out in this thing all day!
*He hates his carseat. . . STILL! He doesn't ever sleep in the car anymore so this makes all car trips a SCREAM-FEST!
*He is pretty good about falling asleep on his own once we put him to bed and takes an AWESOME morning nap.
*He usually has a 6 hour stretch each night, and every once in a while he will surprise us with an 8 hour one.
*He loves to WATCH Maisey, and he likes when she plays with him, but he does NOT like when she screams too close to his face.

Gage also loves his play mat. Apparently Maisey likes it too! (Sweet bed head Maisey!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cousin Time

Maisey has been having so much fun with her cousins! She doesn't get to see them very often and these are the only 2 cousins she has! So when we are together, we make the most of our time! Shayla and Mais playing in Grammy's tub

Derick, Scott, and Maisey

Maisey and Shayla were pretending to dress up in Halloween costumes! Very creative!

Gage and Derick hangin' out on the Dora couch with Shaun!

Church Clothes!

These 2 kids sure do look cute all dressed up for church!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making Memories Wrestling

Every time all of us girls get together we lay out a big blanket and we wrestle. Not just for play! We are serious. We have a ref, and the blanket is to mark the out-of-bounds lines. I have always been the family's champion!
Christina won her first match EVER!

My strategy. . . Sit on them!

I am totally kicking Kelsey's butt!!!

Kate pins Christina!

Kate and Kels goin at it!

And Kate makes history. . . she pinned me in like less than 2 minutes! I have NEVER lost until last Sunday! Not even one match! I guess it's time for a new family Champion!

Maisey wanted in on the action so I wrestled her!

But she beat me too!