Friday, June 26, 2009

Awesome Deals has some awesome deals on their summer clothes.

I'm getting some Bermuda shorts for $5!

There are also sweet deals on kids clothes too!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Dad is GREAT. . .

Our Dad is GREAT. . .
  • . . .because he's had as many sleepless nights as Mommy has this week

  • . . .because he made us some yummy dessert last night and an awesome dinner tonight

  • . . .because he plays with his kids and gives them all of the attention they need

  • . . .because he is patient, kind, and loving.

Our Dad is GREAT. . .

  • . . . so we bought him a BBQ, some BBQ tools, a BBQ cover, a BBQ apron, and a BBQ platter.

  • . . .so we gave him a tie with his 2 favorite people on it. (photo ties are AWESOME gifts!)

  • . . .so we wish him a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Our Dad is SOOOO GREAT. . .

. . . That now we have to share him with the ward.

He's the new Elder's Quorum President!

(As if our lives weren't already CRAZY enough!)

2 months

Gage will be 2 months old tomorrow!
He had his 2 month Check-up today!
*Weight: 13 lbs (80%)
*Length: 22 3/4" (40%)
*Head Circumference: 39.7 cm (35%)
*The doc gave him some medicine for reflux. We'll see if that solves our eating/screaming problems that we've encountered.
*He loves his Moose Friend from Alaska. (Thanks Janel!)
*He has started cooing more.
*He loves his bouncy now and plays with the toys on it.
*He hasn't been sleeping as well as he used to. (Hopefully the medicine helps that too!)
His first time in his crib! It only lasted 2 1/2 hours.
Hangin out in the tub!

Friday, June 19, 2009

When It Rains It Pours... But Then The Sun Shines

We've had a pretty rough week. Well, I should say Gage and I (so therefore Shaun and Maisey too).

Background: I breastfed Maisey exclusively for about 2 weeks. That's it. I know, lame! But then I started supplementing with formula and completely stopped breastfeeding her at 4 months (when my dad died). I was never very good at it and had to see a lactation consultant 3 times!

Well, now I am struggling with Gage. But my goal is to exclusively breastfeed him for at least 6 months. I really want to make it to that goal! I've already been to the lactation consultant 2 times and am trying to make another appointment for next week. A few weeks ago, Gage would only eat from the right side. This week, he decided he didn't want to eat from either side and just SCREAMS through every feeding. Then he screams for 30 min. after attempting to eat and then he falls asleep for 30 minutes and then the cycle starts over again! It is extremely frustrating and really wears out my emotions! I started pumping a little bit yesterday and fed him a bottle for the first time and he does pretty well with it. He is a completely different baby when he has a full tummy and no gas! (He is EXTREMELY gassy from all of the screaming!) But I'm not sure if it's very realistic to exclusively pump for the next 4 months especially since I babysit 4 days a week and have my own crazy toddler to take care of!

Last night was the worst night and I just broke down! I couldn't handle the screaming and lack of sleep anymore! It was a rough night!

But Then. . .
My cousin called me this morning and told me that she had just got to work and was looking through the mail and sure enough, there was the envelope that she had given me 2 1/2 weeks ago with $50 in it! She wrote me a note in the envelope on the back of a piece of paper with her company's name on it. Well, I guess the post office saw that and found the address for her company and sent it back to her! How amazing!!!! I'm so glad there are such honest and nice people in this world!

This news definitely made my day! Now only if my baby would eat. . .

Friday, June 12, 2009


I've only usedonce, and I have to fit into
in only 6 more weeks for

Maybe if I had more

Or even better, if I would stop eating
then I wouldn't need

on how to find more

But I can't sacrifice any

Because I'm not getting a ton!

Thanks for your help!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Kiddos

I did a photo shoot with 2 grumpy kids and these were the best that I got! There aren't any of the two of them together with Maisey looking at the camera. That's because she is so fascinated with her brother that she won't look! :)

(Gage's Baby Announcement Picture!)

Kate's Bridals

I took my sister, Katelyn's, bridals last weekend! Here are my favorites!


So yesterday I had an envelope in my purse that had $50 cash in it. I also had a few bills in my purse to drop off at the post office.
I carelessly grabbed all of the envelopes and dropped them in the big blue mail box outside of the post office.
This morning, I realized what I had done. I went back to the post office and they told me it was LOOOOOOONG gone!
Shaun said that the post office just got a BIG tip!
That was my spending money for the week! :(
I guess my errands tomorrow will be a lot less fun!