Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun on the Slopes

We are in Spokane visiting Shaun's family! This is the first time that Maisey has been to Spokane, and Grandma is having so much fun showing her off to all of her friends. Maisey did really well on the flights over and on the way we had a lay over in Boise. Shaun's grandparents were able to meet us at the airport. We all had fun visiting with them, and Maisey enjoyed seeing them! Great Grandma Grimmett gave Mais a fun Valentine's bear and she loves to play with it now. On Saturday we went to Mt. Spokane and went night skiing. I had not been skiing or snowboarding for 8 years. I was so excited to go, but once we got there I got pretty nervous. It turns out that I was better than I remembered so I was able to keep up with Shaun and his Dad. I snowboarded with Shaun's brother Nick, and Shaun and his dad skied. I think I said to Shaun "This is so fun" about 100 times. I loved it, but I woke up incredibly sore this morning! Oh well! Shaun's mom and brother baby sat Mais up in the lodge and they all had so much fun together! This has been a great weekend!

Great Grandpa Grimmett, Shaun, Maisey, and Great Grandma Grimmett at the Boise Airport

Great Grandpa Grimmett and Mais just hanging out!

Mais and Great Grandma Grimmett with her new Valentine's bear

Before we left, Maisey and Daddy switched hats! They are so silly together!

Shaun and I on Mt. Spokane! This was before any wipe outs!

Our little fam on a dinner break!

Sorry... this picture is side ways and I don't have time to go back and fix it! Nathaniel and Mais hanging out in the lodge!

Mais and Grandma Grimmett having fun together! They have really bonded this trip!

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