Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a Big Boy Now!

What is different about this picture than ALL the others?

Did you notice?
His paci is not clipped to him and/or he doesn't have it in his mouth!
We've gone 36 hours, 2 nap times, and 1 bed time with out it!
And not too much complaining from the little man!
I'm so proud of him!


You know we've been watching too much GLEE when Shaun called me the Sue Sylvester of our house tonight! Buuuurn!
(BTW Kels, the new posts are coming! Sorry you'll have to go another day at work, being bored, reading my old posts!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall!!!

These 2 cuties would like to wish you all a:
Happy 1st Official Day of Fall!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Double Whammy!!!

While Shaun

in FIRST CLASS, I'll be staying

with a bum

This is so embarrassing, but yesterday morning I missed the step that goes from our house to our garage and fell straigt to the garage floor. Well, my right knee broke my entire fall. It swelled up so much by nap time that I couldn't even walk. We went to see a nurse in our ward last night who said my knee cap felt like it was still in one piece and still intact, so I decided not to go have it looked at. But it is still so swollen, and I still can't really walk. Which is unfortunate since my hubby is leaving today for Utah for a work trip. This is such a big opportunity for Shaun, so I really wanted him to go. We will survive the next couple days, it will just be interesting!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Fun Filled Fall Saturday

Fall is fast approaching, which means it's the beginning of all of the fun fall festivities.

Starting with. . . GYMNASTICS!!! Look at my cute little tumbler. She had an awesome first day! She was able to do everything all by herself and she was a great listener for Teacher Ann.

All of the sudden, Gage is really into getting his picture taken and will even say "Cheeeeeeese!"

Next Fall Activity: OKTOBERFEST!!!!

We ate some delectable food for lunch then headed to the children's area for a little while. It POURED on us, and I'm pretty sure it did last year too!

Gage's first pony ride! He was a little nervous at first but ended up having a lot of fun.

Maisey is a pro at the ponies! This was her first time doing them without Mommy's help. Like I said before 3 going on 13!

Peyton, Maisey, and Porter all rode the ponies together. It was fun to go with friends.

Then they played on the inflatables, which were SOAKED, so therefore they got SOAKED.

She is dripping wet, and when we got to the car we ended up stripping her down to her undies and blasting the heater!
3rd Activity: Family Pine Wood Derby
This was our ward activity. There were no rules. Well, that's what they said. So Shaun made this car that extended all the way to the finish line. So of course it was the first to cross! The judges didn't like that, so they disqualified him. Shaun was pretty mad. So he ended up just taking the extensions off and raced just the car.
His car is the front car ( - the extensions) and this is the championship match-up.

He ended up with 2nd place! Maisey was so excited that she slept with the trophy that night!
It was a jam-packed Saturday, but it was a great way to kick off all of the fun weekends we have coming up!

Grimmett Family Pictures: Our Family

When we were in Spokane last month, we had family pictures done by Kate from Kate Jennings Photography. They are AWESOME! So awesome, that I couldn't just choose a few! So here they all are!

Grimmett Family Pictures: Extended Family

Thursday, September 16, 2010

100 days until. . .

. . .CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it?
I'm actually almost done with my Christmas shopping too. Just a few more gifts left!
Anyway, that's not the reason for this post.
I'm committing myself.
Not committing myself.
But committing myself to the 100% for 100 days challenge.
Starting tomorrow I will be 100% in the following areas
Individual and Family Prayer
Individual and Family Scripture Study
Acts of love and compassion to Spouse and Children
Date with Spouse
Family Home Evening
Sabbath Observance at Ward of Record
Magnify your Calling
Fast and Pay Tithes and Offerings
Temple Attendance
Home and Visiting Teaching
It's going to be a challenge, but I know I can do it. This is all stuff I should be doing anyway, but with this crazy busy summer, we've really fallen out of routine. And, this will be a perfect way to lead up to Christmas.
And. . . I was saving my gift certificate for a massage for after the Warrior Dash, but now I'm saving it as a reward for accomplishing my goal.
I'm going to do it!!!!
Bring on the next 100 days!
P.S. There is Christmas decor out in the stores already! It makes me so excited!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

First, if you've never heard of the Warrior Dash, go here to check it out!

Did you look? Crazy huh?

That's what we did today!

And it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

The Northwest Obstables were:

1. Breathelss Bog - Trudge through the waist-deep water and over the logs
2. Hay Fever - Hustle up and over giant straw bails
3. Mossy Maze - Navigate your way through the mossy trees
4. Cargo Net - Manuever over the cargo net
5. Cliffhanger - Rapell down a steep ravine
6. Flat Cargo Net - They snuck this one in on us. This was not on their web-site!
7. Junker Jump - Clamber over the rusted wreckage
8. Blackout - Dive into darkness and escape the trenches
9. Knee High Hell - Speed step through hundreds of tires
10. Warrior Roast - Leap over the Warrior fires
11. Muddy Mayhem - Scramble beneath barbed wire as you near the finish
It all started with a fun Carbo-load last night! We all met at the park! I made 6 lbs. of Spaghetti for everyone. It was so fun, and we were able to plan out our outfits, and a last minute shopping trip to the totally ghetto-fabulous GEN-X!!!!!

It was a fun girls trip, and we all scored some awesome finds to complete our outfits!
On Saturday morning, we all met right by the freeway to follow each other up! We had a little photo shoot before we left!
The Duo!!!
John and Shaun revealed their outfits! They had NO idea they were matching (but their wives did! Haha!)

All the CRAZY boys!
And their HOT wives! Do you see all those hot pink fish nets? Courtesy of GEN-X!!!!

After our photo shoot, we headed out to Great Plains, OR!

We were so anxious and ready to be there!!!

Can you feel the excitement?

Once we were there, we took TONS more pictures. We had to get them all in before and after because the cameras would have gotten TRASHED in the obstacles.
Some random girl totally loved the guys' costumes and wanted her picture taken with them! This wasn't the only request!

Look at all these studly men!

(I'm afraid a few of the YW from our ward were scarred for life. I believe I heard the comment, "I will never be able to look at these men the same again!")

Warrior Women!

The whole S'morriors group!
Thanks for the name Brandon!

Shaun and I, pre-race!

Lindsey, Jallyn, and Shirlynn takin on the Warrior Roast!

That's me (with the green headband) takin on the Muddy Mayhem!
(This is before my lovely husband came and tackled me in it!)

We are OFFICIAL WARRIORS! Check out those medals!


We then all headed to the "showers."
AKA the big muddy pond that hundreds of other people have rinsed off in.
And it was FREEZING. In case you were wondering.

I totally rocked the mud in my hair, ears, eyelashes, and other places I won't mention, when I went to Wal-Mart tonight. I got quite a few stares!

Maybe I should actually go shower before I climb in bed.
But I'm exhausted!

That's right, even warriors need their sleep!