Friday, August 31, 2012

Rise and Shout. . .

. . .These Cougar fans are out!


Last night was the first BYU game of the season and Miley's first game ever! It was a school night, so Miley was the only one who got to stay up for it! 30-6 was a great way to start the season.

P.S. Don't tell Shaun, but I was actually excited all day for the game. I'm sure my football excitement will wear off in the next few weeks when it is on Thursday-Monday at our house. Gets old after a while!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Kindergarten Low Down

Here's what we discussed over chocolate chip cookies after school today
* She met a girl who had an Alvin and the Chipmunks shirt on but it wasn't the chipmunks, it was the Chipettes! (This was the very first thing she told me when she got in the car!)
* A boy threw up during calendar time. The custodian brought a huge machine in to clean it up.
* Mrs. Dumonosky (sp?) is the classroom aide and she is very nice.
* There were American Girl doll magazines in the library
* She got a pizza pocket, peaches, chocolate milk, and a whole apple for lunch.
* She met a friend named Jasmine.
* She had graham crackers for snack.
* The rules in the bathroom are: go potty, wash hands, leave. No playing, no talking.
* They got to have two recesses. One before lunch and one after.
* She played on the swings and slide at recess.
* She had rest time and listened to "Hawaii lullabies"
* When I asked her if she was sad for very long after I left she said, "Nope, not a tear!"
* Her class saw the office today, but nobody was in trouble!

It sounds like she had a great first day. I think I am more nervous for Friday when the whole class is there. They do a staggered start (only 7 kids started today), so she doesn't go again until Friday.

I can't wait to hear all about her second day!

My BIG Kindergartener!

This big girl went to Kindergarten today! 
I didn't cry. 
I could tell she wanted to, but she didn't!
For now, she's going to our second choice of school.
(we've moved up a few spots on the wait list at the charter school)
Her teacher's name is Ms. Teyler. 
She's great!
I can't wait until 2:20 to pick her up.
I'm sure she'll have lots fill me in on.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pajama Party

Maisey kept begging me for a Pajama Party. We decided to do one as a end of the summer party (mostly because Mom kept putting it off all summer!). So we sent out invites, bought some treats, popped some popcorn and threw a party!

 We had yogurt covered pretzels, peach rings, gummy butterflies, popcorn, and capri suns!

 The kids each brought their own pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal. Maisey's friend April brought her American Girl doll so Maisey was pretty much in heaven!

This is how Daddy and Miley enjoyed the movie!

It was such a simple and easy night to plan and the kids had so much fun. We may be doing this one again!

Random Happenings

Grammy bought a new chair and gave the kids box to play in. We cut out windows and a door and the kids spend lots of time in there.

One day they got their blankets and pillows and we set up a movie in there for them. They thought that was pretty special.

Madi and Jack got to come a play for the day. Miley loves Madi.

These kids are obsessed with the iphone. 

Maisey got this cute sand art project for her birthday.

I am doing our Stake Triathlon again this year. It's coming up in just a few weeks. My mom and I did the bike and run route last Saturday morning. My mom hit a curb and crashed on her bike. Some lady stopped and asked if she was ok and if she was having a heart attack. I helped her wipe all of the dirt off and put her chain back on her bike then we kept riding. She got more and more sore throughout the weekend, but no serious injuries! Whew!

I made delicious sugar cookies for the young women. I always dread making them, but I love eating them!

We did Play-doh a day last week

and Maisey made this awesome pig complete with a curly tail!


We put Miley in the Bumbo for the first time on Thursday, August 9. She seemed to like it, but the other 2 kids seemed to enjoy it more.

Grammy and I were trying to get a picture of just Miley, but her brother kept photo bombing them!


I figured since the girls both got an update, I would post a little about Gage lately.

Gage had a rough week the first week of August. It started with him falling off of Maisey's top bunk, hitting his head on her dresser, then bouncing all the way to the floor. He got a pretty big bump on his head. Then we went to the beach, where he threw up sand, then he got a bloody nose at a park, then he got a pencil to the eye. That last one was a pretty close call.
The kids like to use un-sharpened pencils as drum sticks. Gage made Maisey mad so she went running back to her room and Gage followed her with his two "drum sticks." Well, Maisey slammed her bedroom door shut and one of the pencils hit the door and Gage kept running, and the pencil hit his eyelid about a 1/4 inch above his eye, and split it open. It could have been so much worse. 

We were having the missionaries over for dinner that night and Gage was kind of embarrassed about his eye so he decided to cover it and the rest of his face with Cars stickers!

Gage apparently really likes to sleep in the buff because at nap time and bed time he takes his jammies off. He stays all dry so it's not a big deal, I just think it is funny that he does it.

He also lays right behind his door and one day I found him like this.

We went to the splash park a day last week because it was almost 100* so we didn't get naps in. He totally konked out in the chair until 5 pm and still went to bed that night! He must have been tired!

His first slip n' slide experience!

He also put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet then flushed it. Water was everywhere! What a mess to clean up!

He is such a good big brother to Miley. 

He likes to help entertain her. She watches him so intently.

He slept in undies over night for the first time and kept them all dry. What a big boy!

 He also learned how to open the cupboard that has the chips, crackers, cereal, and cookies. Uh-oh!

He also learned how to open the pack of ritz crackers by himself!

Sometimes this boy drives me absolutely crazy. But then he asks me to cuddle him in the chair and all of that craziness goes away. He can be so wild and out of control one minute and the next minute be my sweet little boy. I guess you have to have the crazy times to make the sweet times so special.

Happy 5th Birthday Maisey

Maisey turned 5 on Sunday, August 12. 

Here is her 5 year old birthday interview:
(some of the answers surprised me, and some made me laugh!)

* What are some things you like to do? Um, go to Pump it Up but now it's closed, go to Jamba Juice, and I also like when I um go to the American Girl doll store and eat at the restaurant there. Also, I like doing fun things with my family and getting ready for kindergarten. 

* What things do you like to do around the house? Um, go outside and play with Spring (the neighbor girl), fold one hundred towels, watch tv all day, play with Miley, play the computer, dressing up, and workbooks.

* What are some of your favorite foods? Um, tortellini, going to Panda Express, and also um, noodles and spaghetti, the thing we had for dinner the noodles with the little green things on it (Parmesan Pasta), cheese and noodles, and mac n' cheese.

* What do you like to wear? Dress up clothes, and dresses that are stylish, make up and jewelry, and my American Girl dress.

* What is your favorite color? Rainbow, which is all of the colors.

* Where are some of you favorite places to go? I like going to boring meetings, no don't write it don't write it. Erase it! Jamba Juice, Pump it Up.  I like going on dates with Daddy to the pet store and to NW Kids Club. I also like to go to Madi's house and Peyton's house, and Porter's house, and Savannah and Hailey's house. And the American Girl Doll Store and the Restaurant. 

* What things make you happy? Surprises, birthday surprises, uh Christmas and holiday surprises, presents, Popsicles and ice cream and cupcakes and cake. Blowing out candles. Having a Barbie party.

* What makes you sad? When Gage hits me, when people have to leave from our house like Papa. When I don't get to play the computer.

* What do you do when you are sad? Say sorry, and um, try to make myself happy by trying to have more fun. Also, when I am sad I say a prayer.

* What do you do when you are mad? I hit Gage, I tell mommy I accidentally hit Gage.

* Who are your best friends? Spring, Madi, Peyton, Porter, Miley, Grammy, my family, Shayla, Gwenn and Audrey, Gracie, Joy, Jenna, Abbey.

* What are your favorite movies or TV shows? Jasmine, Alvin, Finding Nemo, Koala Brothers, Shrek, Good Luck Charlie.

* What are your favorite books? American Girl doll magazines, I Spy books, Fancy Nancy books, and the Tangled sticker book.

* What are you favorite songs? All the Young Women songs (hymns), new church songs, and the primary songs, Count Your Many Blessings.

* What is the best thing about having a birthday? That I get to blow out candles, and have a Barbie cake.

She also just went in for her 5 year old check up. Here are her stats:
Height: 41 1/2 inches (29%)
Weight: 39 lbs (44%)
She got all of her kindergarten shots last year, so she doesn't need shots again until 6th grade!

Her and her doll, Elizabeth, got to wear matching dresses to church on her birthday!

I was going to make cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast that morning, but a cobbler that I had made the week before dripped all over the bottom of the oven and I forgot to clean it. So I preheated the oven and it filled with smoke. We had to improvise, so Maisey asked for pink scrambled eggs. I put in some red food coloring and it turned them orange (duh, yellow and red make orange). Maisey told me they looked like puke, and I would have to totally agree! Haha! I cleaned the oven that afternoon and she got her cinnamon rolls the next morning!

On Sunday after church we went to our friends' property to bbq and play around. I made lots of pink cupcakes to share with everyone!
Then we celebrated at home on Monday night.
When Daddy got home from work he surprised her with flowers!

Maisey got her own Primary song book

some Fancy Nancy books

a purse

a game, some Barbie movies, some art projects, and a big bag full of blueberries (which she ate all of them in like 2 days!)

Grammy's friend made Maisey this beautiful Barbie cake. I can't believe how much time and detail went into this thing.

Gage couldn't leave his hands off of it. Look how mischievous his face looks.

This girl had a pretty spectacular 5th birthday! 
We sure love her!