Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Pumpkins

So my goal was to be in bed by 9 tonight because I am starting to catch a cold (I think it is from lack of sleep) and I need to be nice and healthy for our big move this weekend. Well, I got on to check my email, and saw that my friend Jenny emailed me to tell me that she started a blog. So of course I had to log in, add her to my friends list, then start checking everyone else's blogs. I saw that a lot of people posted pics of their pumpkins, then I got to thinking, I haven't put those up yet either. So there you go. That's my train of thought for this post, and I now have 7 minutes to be in bed by 10 pm! The artist hard at work!
I hate scraping out the guts!

Daddy, Mais, and Baby Elmo Pumpkin (Mais is going to be Elmo for Halloween!)

Uncle Scott, Daddy, and Mais are so proud of their pumpkins!

The finished products out for display!
My part in all of this: Watching Mais so Shaun could work, picking out what Shaun carved on our pumpkin, and cleaning up! I hate carving pumpkins, but I love to see them carved! So thanks Shaun for doing the dirty work!
I now have 4 minutes to be in bed! That was a record post time for me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Maisey has never been sick, except for the common cold, oh and 1 time she had a vomiting spell that lasted like 48 hours, but she has never had a fever before! At least until yesterday.

On Friday, Mais was not acting like herself. She is getting two more molars in right now, so I figured everything was attributed to teething. She took really bad naps and was just really fussy all day, with one crying/screaming spell for like almost 2 hours. But then... Saturday morning at 3:30 am, she woke up screaming. Shaun went in her room to calm her down and put her back to bed. At 4:30 she started screaming again. So I got up with her and she was inconsolable. We turned Elmo on and she sat on my lap and watched Elmo until she fell asleep around 8:00 am. She woke up about 20 minutes later, screaming again. She felt pretty warm so I took her temperature and it was only 97.7! I wasn't sure what was going on, again I still thought it was the teeth. I had been up since 4:30 with her and I was exhausted. Shaun took a turn with her so my mom and I could go run some errands. When I got home, Mais was so miserable and just sitting on Shaun's lap either crying or moaning. I took her temperature at 12:30 and it was 102.2! I was really surprised and scared. My baby had NEVER had a temperature above 99 before. Usually she is in the 97's. So I called the doc's office, and of course their office hours ended at 12:00 pm. So we ventured off to Urgent Care. We filled out paper work and Mais screamed in the waiting room the entire time. After about 30 minutes I finally went up to the receptionist and asked how long the wait time was and she said at least 2 hours. Practically in tears I asked her how she expected a 14 month old baby to sit here and wait 2 more hours? She just shrugged her shoulders. I went back to Shaun and Mais and told Shaun as I burst in to tears.

Just after that my mom called me. We had taken our van in earlier that morning to get the brakes changed, which by the way we needed new rotars (spelling?) too, so that was bad news because it doubled the price. She told me that our van was ready to be picked up, but they closed in 2 hours. So Shaun let me leave to go pick the van up and then come right back. Of course, like 5 minutes after I left (and only about an hour after we got there) they call Mais back into the room. I think the receptionist lady felt bad and could tell I was frustrated so she let us in earlier. It turned out that Mais had a really bad ear infection. So when I got home I filled her prescription (at Safeway! :) ) and started her up on the 3 hour rotation of Tylenol and Motrin!

Saturday night was supposed to be the first night that any one not related to us and under the age of 30 was going to come over and baby sit so we could go to Stake Conference (She is a girl, or now a teenager, that I used to babysit when she was little.) So we called and cancelled and decided to order take out Mexican at our favorite Mexican place. To top the weekend off, when Shaun got home with our order, they got mine wrong. So I had to drive all the way back to get it fixed.

Needless to say, it's been a whirlwind of a last few days, and the tornado hasn't even touched ground yet. This next week is going to be crazy too. We sign on our house tomorrow morning, and we move on Thursday. Then Friday is Halloween and then we need to finish moving on Saturday. All while I babysit 4 days this week and Shaun works 3 days in Seattle. I don't think life will ever slow down!

First sign that Mais wasn't feeling good: She fell asleep with an apple slice in her mouth!
Moaning Maisey just laying on Daddy's tummy while waiting at Urgent Care
How do you know when you baby is feeling better? When she is back to her normal self. She was walking around with Papa's cane and hitting things with it. Thank goodness for Tylenol, Motrin, and amoxicillin!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Switching to Safeway!

So... I found a Safeway in the town we will be moving to, and I am going to switch to their pharmacy in hopes for better luck!

I went today to get it all figured out! Luckily, I could leave Mais with Shaun. And it was a good thing. It took 3 Wal-Mart employees and 30 minutes to figure out what was going on and then finally I'm pretty sure they just opened the register and gave me the money that they owed me! Oh and 1 Wal-Mart employee that was helping me looked at the clock and said, "Oh it's 6:00, I'm off, let me go get someone else to help you!" At least the person she got was some what competent and was able to at least get me my money!

In 30 days, when I have to go back, I will for sure be going to Safeway!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One of those days!

So before I vent, I should give some background. This week I started babysitting for a family in Woodburn, the town that we will be moving to in 1 WEEK!!!!!!!!! It's supposed to be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but this week the lady asked if I could babysit on Wednesday too. So on Monday I babysat for my cousin, and then Tuesday-Friday I babysat a 1-year old, a 2-year old, and then they also have a 5-year old who goes to all day Kindergarten and then after school programs so I don't see her too much! So to sum it up, I haven't been able to get much done during the week! I leave our house at 7:15 am, and don't get back until 6 pm. Then I feed Mais, the trooper, dinner, and then it's straight to bed because we get up so early!

So... since I can't really do things during the day anymore, (who wants to drag a 2-year old and 2 1-year olds to the grocery store? That's suicide!) I had to stop at Wal-Mart on my way home yesterday to drop off a prescription for my pre-natal vitamins. Mais was hungry and tired and very uncooperative. And let's just say, Wal-Mart employee's weren't very quick! (What should I expect?) So today, I stopped by again on my way home to pick up the prescription because they don't keep that specific kind in stock so they had to order it. They said it would be ready anytime after 3:30 pm. So at 5:30 I got to Wal-Mart and went to the pharmacy. I had Mais strapped into the shopping cart and again she was being very uncooperative! The pharmacy lady told me that it wasn't ready yet and to come back in 15 minutes. I really wanted to say, "would you like to watch my screaming 1 year old for 15 minutes?" But instead I politely said, "Ok, I'll be back." I was talking on the phone to my mom and she had a great idea! Buy Mais some chicken nuggets from the McDonald's in Wal-Mart to keep her occupied for the 15 minutes! Great idea Mom! So I went straight over to McDonald's and bought some chicken nuggets. All six of them ended up catapulted out of the cart and my crazy 1-year old was OUT OF CONTROL! We kept walking around the store, and all of the people were starring at me, well probably Maisey, but it was very embarrassing. Finally 15 minutes had past so I went up to the pharmacy again only to wait in another 10 minute line. When I got to the front, the same lady that helped me 25 minutes ago acted like she had never seen me. (I don't know how you can't remember Maisey screaming!) I told her my name and my birth date and she looked me up in the computer and said that it still wasn't ready. So I said, "I will stand here and wait then!" She went to the back, and magically it was ready! She told me it was $35 and I thought that was a lot, but I couldn't deal with that right now. I didn't care how much it cost, I just wanted to get Mais out of that store and back in the car. I swiped the card, took the pills, and off we went.

When we got home, I strapped Mais in her high chair (we are now way behind schedule because it took so long) and gave her some dinner, because she didn't eat ANY of the chicken nuggets. I told my mom that I though $35 for a one-month supply of pre-natal vitamins was kind of expensive and she agreed. So I looked on the slip that comes with it to find out how much the insurance covered. I couldn't find that amount anywhere. I looked in the bag to look at the prescription only to find 15 days worth of pills there. So I immediately call the Wal-Mart pharmacy and I am on hold for 12 minutes until finally I talk to someone. They tell me that they must have overlooked my insurance so I will be getting a $25 refund (Good thing!) and that they accidentally only gave me half of the quantity and the rest of it is sitting there! What a pain!

So I guess I will be venturing off to Wal-Mart Pharmacy again tomorrow evening! Wish me Luck!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Photo Tag from Monica

This is the 4th photo in my 4th folder.
Shaun and I are rockin' the Boomerang at 7 peaks in July of 2005.
I tag Robyne, Randi, and Kendra. Can't wait to see what you post!

Thursday Night Highlights!

So... I've decided that Thursday nights are the best night of my week (not counting the weekend!). After a long week of single parenting, I am so excited for Shaun to get home the next day. I just sit and veg in front of the TV for hours watching what some would consider dumb shows, but I think they are hilarious! My new discovery... Fox's Hole in the Wall. It is probably the dumbest show out there next to MXC, but for some reason it makes me laugh so hard. I totally want to go on it with my sisters. I think it would be so fun. If you haven't seen it, check out a clip from the link below. It's a great start to Thursday nights. Then of course, you have The Office, which was absolutely hilarious tonight, just like usual. I found this clip online for some deleted scenes from tonights episode. So Funny, I don't know why they were deleted! Anyway, I hope you enjoy them!

The Office - Baby Shower- Clip One - Video - NBC.com

Fox Broadcasting Company: Hole In The Wall - Home

And, While I'm ranting and raving about TV shows (which I don't actually watch TV that much, pretty much just Thursdays), the new season of 24 starts on Sunday, Nov. 23rd. So I guess I'll have to add that one to my list of shows.

And since this post, I was informed that the actual season of 24 doesn't start in November, just little clips of the season. They should tell people that on the commercials! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

WARNING: Lots to catch up on!

This post has tons of pictures and lots of updates, just to tell you right off the bat.

First Item of Business: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!
We are so excited. Our offer was accepted about a week and a half ago, we had the inspection done and everything looked great! We are planning to close on it on Oct. 31! We can't wait. It's 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, large backyard. Built in 2003 on a cul-de-sac! This is going to be a great place to raise our family!

Next: We took Mais to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend! We all had a blast!
Mais and Daddy
"Mommy, this one is just my size!"
What a cutie!

Three Generations!

Checking out our loot!

Our lil' pumpkin!
The fam
Maisey the Farmer
She LOVED looking at all of the pumpkins!
"Ok Mom, no more pictures!"

Next: Maisey got her first taste of Dr. Pepper! (I stopped drinking it when I found out I was pregnant, but there was still a 24-pack in the fridge. So Shaun picked up the habit!)

Mais stole daddy's can. Look at that mischievous face!
She saw Mommy catch her in the act.
So Daddy helps her take a drink...
... and now her and Daddy are best friends!
I'm thinking of sending these pictures in to Dr. Pepper. Maybe she could be their new model.
Next: Maisey's mouth has been looking pretty funny lately. She has her four top front teeth, three front bottom teeth, and one random molar on the top left side of her mouth. I didn't even know she was getting her molars until I saw the one all the way through her gums. She is so funny looking. Her mouth is in a lot of pain so she LOVES to bite everything and she likes to eat cold apple slices.
Next: We went to the ward we will be moving in to yesterday for church. Mais was HORRIBLE! We had to take her out several times in all three meetings. I guess it can only get better, right? The ward looks awesome. We are excited to be in a ward where we will stay for a while.
Also, the other day, I caught Mais licking the inside of the washer! So GROSS!!!
Well, she just woke up from her nap, and I didn't get to everything that I wanted, so more later!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


...The Newest Member of our Family...


Due in May
(The measurements in the ultrasound say May 2nd)

We made these fun cards to send out to family and friends.

So like the poem said, this was a bit of a surprise, but we are so excited to become a family of 4. Only 30 more weeks!!!