Sunday, February 22, 2009


Earlier this week, Shaun won tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters basketball game! His office has a box suite, so we got to enjoy the game from there! Maisey had so much fun watching "Ball Ball".
Maisey and Mommy before the game started!

Maisey sitting in a big girl seat all by her self!

Once the game started, I couldn't get a picture of her face because she wouldn't take her eyes off of the ball! She was a crack up dancing to all of the songs and clapping when everyone else did!

I decided to take a pic of the game since my main subject wouldn't look at me! :)

Maisey picked out her own jammies tonight! Dora pants, Elmo and Abby shirt, red gloves, and her cupcake hat! What a goof!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Day, Bad Day

Good Day:
We got our fatty tax refund!!!!! :)
Bad Day:
I went to a stake activity tonight where I saw someone from my ward growing up.
His comment to me: "Wow, You are HUGE! When are you due, like 5 days ago?"
My response: "Actually, 10 more weeks!"
(I didn't think I was THAT big. I've gained less weight with this baby than I did with Maisey!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Failed Photo Shoot

Maisey turned 18 months old on Thursday. So I was going to do a Valentine's Day/18 month old photo shoot this weekend. But Maisey had other ideas! She was not very cooperative, but she was still being cute, so instead of getting frustrated, I decided to just try to take pictures of her running around! These are a few of what I got:

The babyless (or should I say childless. . .) photo shoot!

Maisey was more interested in smelling the flowers instead of sitting next to them!

She spent lots of time running away from mommy. . .

. . .Thinking Grammy would save her (which she did!)

She did peek up at me and I snapped this shot. . .

. . . and this one, but that's pretty much it!

***More about Maisey***

*She is very territorial with her house, her toys, her books, and her mom! She isn't thrilled about sharing them with the girls I babysit 3 days a week.
*She seems to want daddy all day while he is at work and then when he gets home, she only wants mommy!
*She lasted about 10 seconds in nursery today! We've been practicing going in and she's been doing great, but she definitely noticed that I left today, and thought she REALLY, REALLY needed me!
*She is a GREAT sleeper, as long as she is in her own bed. She doesn't do very well in the pack n' play. But she will sleep 12 + hours at night at home and take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
These are some of her favorite things:
*Food - Mac N' Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Enchiladas, and Pizza
*Snacks - Cookies (she LOVES any kind), marshmallows, gold fish, cheese
*Shows - Elmo, Dora, Wonder Pets, The Wiggles
*Activities - Ring around the Rosie, Coloring, Magna Doodle, Reading Books, Talking on the phone, Patty Cake
*Songs - Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home, 5 Little Monkeys, ABC's, Elmo's World Theme Song (she actually sings the words to this!)
*Toys - Stacking cups, Baby Abby, farm house, Ikea blocks
*Animals - "Dog Dog" and Kitties
These are some of the funny things she says:
*"I'm turnin' the wheel" as she makes the hand motions (It's off of a Dora movie)
*"Ball Ball" anytime she sees any kind of ball or a basketball, including the basketball hoop in the gym at church. During Sacrament Meeting she yells out "Ball Ball" really loud and points to the hoop.
*"Uv Do" - Love you! It' so cute!
*"Elmo, Cookie, Dora Dora, Boots, Daddy" - Her response to the question, "Who are your friends?"
*"Cheeeeeese" - anytime she sees a camera or hears me take a picture on my phone.
These are some of the funny things she does:
*She will take my socks off and count my toes. She LOVES to count. She can count to 9, but she skips 7, and 8. :)
*She sings songs to herself
*When she is around males or new people, she covers her face with her hands because she thinks people won't be able to see her if she can't see them.
*When we tell her it is time to go nigh-night, she lays down, covers her eyes, and says nigh-night!
*She loves to do family kisses. She puts her arms around both mommy and daddy's necks and pulls our heads together, leans in and we do a family kiss!
*She knocks on the bathroom door anytime there is someone in there.
I can't believe that my baby is 18 months old! She is really growing up into a young girl and sometimes I miss the younger stages, but I really love what she is becoming! Plus, I'll have another chance with all of those younger stages soon enough!
I actually told Shaun the other day that I miss rocking my baby to sleep and sleeping with her in my bed. She doesn't cuddle quiet as much as she used to! But when she does, I take advantage of the opportunities! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why we could never live in NY or DC

So lately, Shaun has been working in the actual office in down town Portland, instead of client sites because there aren't really any projects going on right now. Well. . . to park in downtown it is $12/day. Ridiculous!!!! So in an effort to save money Shaun decided he would use public transportation. He has been driving to a park-and-ride and then riding the bus into work. It has worked out really nice and only costs about $4/day. We decided that since he wasn't assigned to any projects in the month of February that we would buy a monthly pass for this month.

Well, he found out last week that there is a project out in Beaverton that he could work on this week so of course he took advantage of the opportunity. But since he already bought the bus pass for February he wanted to get the most out of it (even though parking is free at the client site).

So yesterday was his first day at this particular client and HE WAS LATE!!! He called me at like 9:00 am to tell me that he was so dumb and watched 3 trains go by that would have taken him to where he needed to be. I asked why he just stood there and watched them? He said, "It's so confusing to know which one is which and where they are going!" So between his morning and evening commute he spent like 5 hours using his February train/bus pass! Good thing we are getting our money's worth, because by the time he got home, Maisey was ready for bed! :)

Now, I've never been to D.C. or NY or any big city for that matter, but I am 100% sure that they have way more subways/trains and buses then Portland. So if he thinks this is confusing, he would get eaten alive by the public transportation systems in those bigger cities!!!

P.S. I have to give him credit. . . at least he is saving us money! I would have never attempted public transportation! Thanks honey!

P.S.S. Meghan - Maybe you and Shaun can compare Metro Woes stories! I enjoyed your post as well!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lists of 8

My cousin's wife tagged me and I have been tagged before but I have never gotten around to it! So I decided to take a few minutes and fill this out!

8 T.V. Shows that I Love:
1. Good Day Oregon (Morning News)
2. The news at noon
3. The news at 5 pm
4. The news at 10 pm
(I love watching news. . . I like to know what's going on!)
5. American Idol
6. The Office
7. A Baby Story (at least for the next few months!)
8. Sesame Street & Dora (because they give me some free time!)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Cafe Rio
2. Cracker Barrel
(The only 2 reasons to miss Utah!)
3. Sweet Tomatoes
4. Fudruckers
5. Red Robin
6. Roadhouse Grill
7. Burgerville
8. La Hacienda Real

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Babysat 3 kids
2. Did 4 loads of laundry
3. Took a nap
4. Played outside with the kids (It was a beautiful day!)
5. Made Dinner
6. Watched the News and American Idol
7. Hung out with my Mom
8 Talked wedding talk! :)

8 Things on my Wish List:
1. To have a healthy baby ON TIME!
2. To find football wallpaper border for the baby's room. (Not all sports, just football. . . I'm having a hard time finding it!)
3. Take another BABY FREE Vacation some time in my life!
4. A garden fairy to come and plant my garden for me and taking care of it would be nice too!
5. Maisey's biting phase to be over!
6. All of the See's Candy in the world and not gain weight!
7. An elliptical
8. Winter to be over so our heating bill will go down

8 Things I Like About This Season:
1. I'm in the last Trimester! :)
2. The random, beautiful, spring-like days (like yesterday and today!)
3. American Idol starts up again!
4. Maisey loves to get bundled up on Saturday mornings to go outside and help Daddy in the yard! Mommy gets some Saturday morning FREE TIME!
5. College Basketball
6. Football Season is completely over (as of last Sunday!)
7. Maisey is still excited about all of her new Christmas toys (Give her another month or so!)
8. Valentine's Day is coming up and I get to go on a date!

8 Weird Things About Me:
1. When I eat Tums (which is very frequently during pregnancy) I have to eat 2 of the same fruit flavor. I won't eat them if they are different colors!
2. I LOVE to vacuum my house with my mom's Dyson! I borrow it all the time. Silly I know but I won't use my Dirt Devil.
3. I don't mind the smell of sweaty, stinky socks.
4. When I go to Mexican Restuarants, I always order Nachos. Just plain chips and cheese. Shaun gets so embarrassed!
5. I don't eat left overs. I think they are so gross and I gag if I eat them. It's all in the head!
6. I also don't eat potatoes. Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, funeral potatoes, french fries. NO POTATOES. I puke my guts out if I eat them. Once again, all in the head!
7. I have issues with "used" things. I don't like to go to Goodwill or Garage Sales but I still look on Craigslist every once in a while to see if there is anything good!
8. I have to do my own dishes and load the dishwasher. I don't even let my mom do them at my house. I like to know that they are clean and that none of the dishes are touching each other so they get sanitized in the dishwasher.

Now I am supposed to Tag 8 people, but I'm pretty sure alot of people have already done this, so if you haven't. . . YOU'RE IT!