Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oct. 12-18 - Aunt Janel, Fantasy Trail, School Pics, Soccer


 Gage walked into my room Sunday morning with a self-made cup of chocolate milk, Oy!

We had a rough day at church. The kids were terrible, and it was one of those Sundays that you wonder what the heck you were thinking even going to church that day. After sacrament meeting, the lady sitting in the row behind us made a comment to me, which made me cry. It took me about ten minutes to gather my composer, then I headed to the library to make copies for my lesson. Of course the copy machine was broken and the tears started flowing again. Our lesson was suuuuuper short that day, and I had no idea what I was going to do with out the copies, which would have taken up about half of our lesson time. I finally made it to class and eventually made it through the rest of the church day. 

 Unfortunately, when we got home, the day didn't get much better. These were both notes written at two different times during the day. When I saw the top note that Maisey wrote, I was irritated. She knows better than that. When I saw the bottom note that Gage wrote I was also mad, however, I was also kind of proud that he could form a thought and turn it into a sentence. Yes, it was a negative sentence, but I was definitely impressed. 

Everybody took naps/rest time that afternoon and then had an early bedtime. 


 Miley is obsessed with lining things up. Cars, nail polish, magnets, buckets, books, you name it, she lines it up!

My Monday didn't go exactly as planned. I was hoping to finish cleaning my house from Friday and Saturday, but I ended up running some unexpected errands and chatting with a friend who needed someone to listen. So once I picked Gage up from school, we had to finish running errands. Then I had to swing by the school to take care of some jog-a-thon stuff that was turned in. So when I got home at 3:00 pm I hadn't cleaned a single thing all day. 

Luckily, my super awesome neighbor brought us dinner that night! It was delicious and exactly what I needed!

 I sent her a text message thanking her, and then Maisey wanted to, too. She couldn't decide on her emoji so she sent a bunch of them. She reeeeaaaaalllllly liked the dinner!

Shaun left late the night to pick Janel up from the airport. She was coming to spend the week with us!


I had to go get some blood work done, and I was supposed to fast for 12 hours. My neighbor brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies over the night before and I accidentally ate one when I was packing Maisey's lunch. I still went ahead with the blood work hoping it wouldn't show that I had diabetes or something! (I got my results the next day and everything was perfect!!)

 After the blood work, we met Daddy for breakfast. Nothing like scarfing down a lemon berry almond crumble waffle after fasting! YUM! Miley drank all of Daddy's juice but wouldn't touch her chocolate banana pancakes.

 Janel and Miley bonded over simultaneous phone time. Miley wasn't too sure of her earlier that morning, but by the afternoon they were BFF's!

That evening, Shaun, Janel, and I went to the temple for our ward temple night. 


 School Picture Day!

 We only wake up early enough to curl hair a few days a year!

 It was also back to school night. I was super impressed with Gage's ability to sit still and focus. He is not like that at home at all, but at school he was AWESOME!

Soccer practice was cancelled this week due to rain. I was definitely ok with that!


 We had Miley's friend Charlie over all morning! We had to run to the store and these girls found some new friends. 

 It was a beautiful sunny day so naturally we played freeze dance outside! The neighbor kids joined in as well, and it was a real party!

 That night we headed to the Wenzel Family Farm Fantasy Trail. This year was strange. The kids were the least excited/most scared than they ever have been. 


This was a busy day!! It started off with a volunteer breakfast at the school, then a meeting with the principal. Then I headed home for a few hours. Then I ran a few errands before picking Gage up. I ran Gage home for lunch then I headed back to the school to start counting Jog-a-thon money, field trip money, and our Friday snack cart money!

 This is the only picture I took from the whole day. By the end, my brain was fried from counting money all afternoon! Our jog-a-thon was very successful! We more than doubled what we've made the last few years and we were just short of our goal. We think more will trickle in during the next week or two, so we are confident we will hit our goal! I definitely see new computers for our students in the near future, which is sooooo exciting!!


We started the morning off at soccer!

 This girl insisted on carrying her own chair and her backpack. We were slow moving!

 She also wanted me to take lots of pictures of her! I think she was feeling a tad bit jealous that I was trying to focus on Gage and not her.

 One more!

 Mommy snuggles!

 Ok, now onto the soccer pictures!

 He was really fighting for the ball during the game. However, he did get pulled out by the coach (Dad) for sticking his tongue and butt out at another player. . . twice. :/

 He ended the game as goalie! 

After the game we headed to a different local Mexican place for some authentic street tacos! No picture this time, but let's just say we will definitely be heading there again! It was way better than last week's Mexican adventure.

Then we headed home to get ready for family pictures!

 I am so glad we did them early this year! It's refreshing to know they are out of the way!

This was my all time favorite shot from the whole day! She was kind of frustrating during pictures, with an epic meltdown mid shoot (but in her defense it was in the middle of nap time), so this one is extra sweet to me!

 This was another favorite shot from the day! I'll have to post a bunch of other ones later!

 I spent the afternoon creating this! Sure, I had tons of other things to do, but this was fun! She has such a strong personality and it shows! Like mother like daughter!

We had to say goodbye to Aunt Janel, her flight left really early the next morning. There were definitely some tears, but hopefully we will see her at Christmas break!

Maisey is 7! (2 months ago)

Maisey turned 7, you know, back in August! I'm so glad she is such a patient girl and doesn't mind that we are just barely getting to her interview.

What are your favorite things to play with?
American Girl Dolls, my friends, 

What are your favorite foods to eat?
Noodles, bread with butter, cheeseburgers with pickles and ketchup, corn dogs, doughnuts, peppermint patties

What is your favorite color?

Where is your favorite place to go?
Shayla's house, St. George, Lagoon, and home sweet home (aka, our house!)

What makes you happy?
When we get to do fun things or when it is a holiday.

What makes you sad?
When Gage and Miley bug me, when people whisper things in front of me.

Who are your friends?
Isabella K., Sadie, Xianna, Mia, Kaylee, and Ali

What are you favorite shows to watch?
Lizzie McGuire, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Judy Moody, Sofia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventure, Love It or List It.

What books do you like to read?
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lizzie McGuire, Charlotte's Web, and Judy Moody.

What songs do you like to sing?
Primary songs and What Dreams Are Made Of (Lizzie McGuire)

What is your favorite thing about having a birthday?
You turn a new number, and birthday cake and presents. And spending time with my family.

What are you looking forward to most about being 7?
Planning my baptism, being in 2nd grade and my teacher not having a baby this year.

Things I want to remember about Maisey at this age:

- She is good at making friends. Everywhere we go she finds somebody to play with and is really nice to everyone. She gets her feelings hurt easily if someone isn't nice back to her or doesn't want to play with her.

- She is a book worm! She checked out stacks of chapter books from the library this summer and had them finished in two days! At night she sneaks books in her bed and reads them under her covers. If she reads a word she doesn't know, she asks us what it means. She is genuinely interested in improving her vocabulary and uses the new words she learns.

- She is really into fashion and interior design. For the most part, her outfits are spot on, but we have had to go over a few fashion rules. :) She loves to watch the show Love It or List It, which is a show about remodeling and redecorating houses. She is always giving us ideas on which wall we should knock down or which room needs a fresh coat of paint. 

- I am so glad she is the oldest child in our family. There isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't help me around the house and she usually does it with out complaint. She is an awesome babysitter, laundry folder, and room cleaner!

We love you birthday girl!

Oct. 5-11 - Jog-a-thon and Dentist


 The girls were still not feeling well. Luckily it was General Conference Sunday so we all got to stay home and watch in our jammies! It was a nice break from 8:00 am church!

 We decorated for Halloween!

 Maisey was still doing her breathing treatments! 


 I made this fall popcorn mix and bought some tins to start the boo-gram in our ward for our FHE activity.


 I painted these banners for our jog-a-thon. 


 I treated myself to my favorite treat. . . for breakfast! :) I'm glad I did because my day just got crazier from there!

 I ended up with 5 kindergartners for the afternoon! That was kind of wild!

 Gage got hit in the head with a croquet mallet.
(His goose egg/bruise lasted for 10 days, including school picture day!)

 Soccer Selfies help practice go a little bit faster!

 My sister sent this to me! She must have sensed that my stress level was at an all time high with our mega-afternoon play date and trying to finish up last minute things for the jog-a-thon. It definitely made me chuckle!


 The BIG DAY!!! The other co-president had been in and out of the hospital over the last week and was too sick to be there. It made things a bit more hectic, but we were still able to pull it all off!

 Gage ran sooo hard and missed running the most laps in his class by one. I was still so proud of him. He ran 13 laps, which is over 2 miles!

 Maisey also ran 13 laps which was the most ran by a girl in her class so she won a prize. She loved that Daddy could be there to watch her run!

 I was soooo glad to have Daddy there too! It was nice to have someone to run around like crazy with! He is such a great support!

 Mom was too exhausted to make dinner that night, so we ran to sonic! Miley took her corn dog off the stick and stuck it on her straw. What a goof!

I splurged on a strawberry lemonade (it sure didn't taste nearly as refreshing as a dr. pepper would have) and spilled it in my lap on the way home. It was freezing and I may have been screaming! 


Today was a no school day, and earlier in the week I had deemed it a cleaning day! The kids were fighting like crazy and Miley was having a particularly grumpy day. We didn't get a ton done, but it seemed like I worked all day!

 I gave Gage a magic eraser and asked him to clean all of the doors in the house. I was working in Maisey's room and came out about 30 minutes later  to this!

 Apparently he thought I meant the fridge door, which he scrubbed for those 30 minutes. :( Maybe that's why it seemed like I didn't get much done because I was walking around cleaning up after my "helpers". Cleaning with kids is such a challenge!

 We finally called it a day and headed to the park, where Shaun met us after work. 
Yes, I took a picture of my husband's butt. And yes, I posted it for everyone to see! :)

 We got adventurous and tried an authentic Mexican food place on Front Street. It wasn't great, maybe because I couldn't get over the fact that it looked like a box full of diarrhea. 

I went out for the night with some friends, so my dinner actually was frozen yogurt! It was so fun to catch up with them!

 I left Shaun with a project to complete while I was gone. The faucets in our two bathrooms were nasty, falling apart, and they were the cheap ones. So I bought him all the parts, sent him a couple of YouTube videos, and left for the night!

 By the time I got back he had them both changed out and had replaced both toilet seats! Sometimes he surprises me with his handiness! :)


Gage didn't have an actual soccer game this week. Nike came to town with some drills and games for the players, so I didn't end up going. I opted to stay home and clean some more (you know, since I didn't get much done the day before), while Shaun took Gage to the Nike Day.

 The girls stayed home as well, and Maisey's job was to keep Miley happy and out of my way! They built a block castle for all of their princesses. Maisey is seriously such an awesome helper!

 The kids each had dentist appointments!

 Sparkly clean teeth for everyone!

 Miley picked out this crazy headband as her prize! She was pretty proud of it!

 Dad was feeling a bit jealous, so he had to have a turn!

That afternoon, Maisey went to a birthday party of a girl from her class as school. I was super hesitant about sending her to the party. I didn't know the family very well, and from what I did know I just wasn't sure about it. Shaun and I talked about it and we decided we would let her go. When I pulled up to the house I was seriously having second thoughts. We talked about it and Maisey suggested we say a prayer to know if she should go inside or not. Right after we finished our prayer, one of her other friends from her class pulled up with her mom and the mom was going to stay at the party, which made me feel a million times better! That was a neat experience to share with Maisey on how Heavenly Father can answer our prayers.

Later that night Shaun and I went to see Meet the Mormons. I had my phone out ready to take a picture of the lady in our ward who was on screen for about 5 seconds. I missed her by about a 1/2 second, and this was the picture I got. Oh well! The movie was definitely worth seeing once, but not one I would buy.