Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live Life to the Fullest

Since I've moved to Oregon, I have been able to help my mom finalize some paperwork and other things for my dad. Today, we sold my dad's truck. It's kind of weird to come home and not see it out on the driveway! As I was driving it for the last time today, Tim McGraw's song "Live Like You Were Dying" came on the radio. I really took the time to contemplate life, especially my father's. I am so thankful that my dad made the best of his life. He had great relationships with his family, and with Heavenly Father. He was able to accomplish so much. Even though he is gone, I still look up to him and admire him greatly. He was the perfect example of hard work, testimony, and love. I work everyday to mirror my life after his and to make memories with those that I love. I would encourage all to live life to the fullest, with NO regrets.


The Dixie Six said...

Very beautifully said! He was a perfect example of Christ like love. We miss him, but look forward to the time that we will be with him again.

Anytime you're in Idaho and you need a place to stay, your always welcome at our home. We love you guys!

Tess said...

You father was an awesome man that really impacted my life as well. He was one of the kindest, happiest men I know even with all he had to deal with. I promise to live with no regrets too!