Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My much needed VACATION!!!!

We leave in less than 24 hours for my much needed 2 week vacation! I am so excited for a break from everyday life. I have spent the last week shopping, doing 10 loads of laundry, shopping, setting up a tent, shopping, planning our meals, shopping, and packing. Planning a vacation with several stopping points is actually a lot of work, which made me stop and thank my mom for always taking us (my siblings and me) on fun family vacations.

The Itinerary:
Thursday-Sunday - Grimmett Family Reunion in Hagerman, ID (We will see how camping with a 10 month old in 100 degree heat goes, needless to say this is her first camping trip)
Sunday-Sunday - My Sister's house in Colorado (I am throwing her a baby shower while I am there so I had lots to plan for that)
Sunday-Wednesday - Who knows?
Wednesday - Saturday - My Grandma's in St. George, UT (Every once in a while my mom and her sisters do a big sisters weekend at my Grandma's house. This year my sister Katelyn and I are "lucky" enough to be able to attend. Good thing there is a pool because that is where Kate, Mais and I will be living!)
Saturday-Sunday - DRIVING HOME. Boooooooo.

At least when I get back, I only have a few more weeks of babysitting! YAY! There is something to look forward to when I come home!

I am sure I will update sometime in between, but if not, see you in 2 weeks!


The Moore Family said...

Have fun on your trip. I know Grandma Moore is excited for you guys to come and see her. She told me you will be the picture taker for the fun mother daughter photo shoot. Have a blast and good luck with all your travel plans.

Monica said...

FUn! Hope you have a great time!
Wish we could see you guys.

Tim said...

I hope you guys will have a fun trip. We are thinking about you all the time... Tori misses Maisey a ton!