Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Fun

We started off this fun day playing inside the house! My sister built a fort for Shayla and Maisey to play in. They had a great time. We played inside for most of the day because is was SO hot! Maisey kept playing with this wheel barrow, so I decided to put her in it. It wasn't very sturdy though, so we snapped a quick picture and got her out!
In the evening we had some of my sister's friends over for a BBQ and some fireworks. Maisey was pretty cranky, but I gave her a piece of watermelon which seemed to do the trick.
Maisey loved to watch the fireworks. She really liked all of the bright colors.
She was a brave little girl and kept crawling away from me towards the fireworks. Then when a loud one went off, she would come back to me pretty fast!
This is most of the group that came over! We had a great time!

So Mais has been incredibly cranky this week. I know part of it is separation anxiety (she won't go to anyone. Not even my mom), teething, and being away from home, but she has been throwing some MAJOR fits. It's actually pretty embarrassing. She doesn't even enjoy walks anymore. I need some help! Any tips for 10 month old CRANKINESS?


David & Wendy Pendergrass said...

I wish I could offer you some really awesome advice, but all I can give is my empathy. I don't know if it is just a stage or what, but Lucy doesn't like walks anymore either. She usually only makes it halfway and then I am lugging her home while trying to push the stroller. Naps and bedtime are even worse. I think they are just soooooo excited because their little bodies can finally do so many things, but then it makes them terribly angry because they want to do way more things and know they could if you would let them. Anyway, I tell my self daily like all hard things, this too shall pass.

Danielle and the Boys said...

so i went and bought some of those natural cheetos you had for Maisey. Ethan LOVED them. And got quite defensive if I went anywhere near them. I guess they tasted a tad bit better than plain cheerios! :)