Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Trip Thus Far

We survived camping! Mais wasn't too sure about all of the people and spent the first night sleeping with Shaun and I. But the second night she spent the whole night in her pack and play and did a great job! It was incredibly HOT, in the high 90's and even up into the 100's. When you are camping, that is too hot. But the evenings were really nice, and the smores as always were excellent.
Here's a pic of Mais checking out all of the people, but still clinging to Mommy.

Mais and Daddy found some shade and took a little rest.

On Sunday, my sister Katelyn and I made the 10 hour trip to my sister's house in Colorado. The trip went pretty well minus the speeding ticket I got! In the four years I have been driving the stretch between Boise and Provo, I have never been pulled over! Well I guess I learned my lesson and will no longer speed as much as I was. (Notice I didn't say no longer speed. It's impossible not to speed in Utah!)

Maisey and her cousin Shayla weren't too sure of each other at first. They didn't like to get close. But they both liked to sit on the Dora couch.
We threw my sister a baby shower on Tuesday night. It was Red White and Blue themed. We had fruit pizza, cheese and crackers, and a veggie platter. It turned out really well.

Mais and Shayla are quite the musical duo. We've got Shayla on the Piano and Maisey singing and dancing. They are so funny to watch.

Maisey has gone on lots of walks since she has been here. We tried her out in the wagon, but she was too close to Shayla so we moved her to a stroller.

Today we went to a park for a picnic and to feed the ducks. Mais was more interested in eating the bread then feeding it to the ducks. She is so funny.

Also, since we have been on this trip Maisey's top two teeth have come in. She has been pretty grouchy because of it. But her smile is as cute as ever with 4 teeth now!

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