Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Pumpkins

So my goal was to be in bed by 9 tonight because I am starting to catch a cold (I think it is from lack of sleep) and I need to be nice and healthy for our big move this weekend. Well, I got on to check my email, and saw that my friend Jenny emailed me to tell me that she started a blog. So of course I had to log in, add her to my friends list, then start checking everyone else's blogs. I saw that a lot of people posted pics of their pumpkins, then I got to thinking, I haven't put those up yet either. So there you go. That's my train of thought for this post, and I now have 7 minutes to be in bed by 10 pm! The artist hard at work!
I hate scraping out the guts!

Daddy, Mais, and Baby Elmo Pumpkin (Mais is going to be Elmo for Halloween!)

Uncle Scott, Daddy, and Mais are so proud of their pumpkins!

The finished products out for display!
My part in all of this: Watching Mais so Shaun could work, picking out what Shaun carved on our pumpkin, and cleaning up! I hate carving pumpkins, but I love to see them carved! So thanks Shaun for doing the dirty work!
I now have 4 minutes to be in bed! That was a record post time for me!


The Dixie Six said...

Those turned out so cute!! Shaun is talented. I love the elmo. Those are always great memories.
(Scott looks good too. Haven't seen him forever.) Glad all is well there. Good luck with the big move. It will be all worth it in the end.

Danielle and the Boys said...

i love the elmo pumpkin!!! we decorated our pumpkins last night and decided to paint rather than carve. We were going to make mike from monsters inc but forgot he only had one eye (vs the 2 we painted) so we ended up with a witch, a spider, and a ghost. good luck with your moving!

Jenny said...

So what you're saying is it would have been my fault if you weren't in bed on time? :) I'm glad you made it anyway - and the pumpkins are great!

Miss you!

Meg and Ryan said...

Cute pumpkins!!!

Nathan & Whitney said...

I had no idea you had a blog! I was googling myself becuase I was bored and found it! Congrats on baby #2!! It's fun to see what you are up to!