Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Sister and Things Mommy Has Learned!

When Maisey first came to the hospital to visit, she was pretty scared because I still had an IV in my hand and she knew that her mommy just didn't look right. But after I let her sit on my bed and after I talked to her a bit she warmed right up and acted just like she was at home. She raised and lowered my bed several times and pressed the "Call Nurse" button 3 times. Hospital rooms are just not made for toddlers! Maisey's initial reaction

She LOVES her brother so much

She brought a present to the hospital for him. She picked out a book that you can put pictures in. She loves to read it to him. Gage gave Maisey some new Color Wonder coloring books and some markers! She is really enjoying them.

Mommy's big helper!

Family of 4!

She just couldn't get enough! She would even say, "My Baby!"

What a poser!

We finally let her hold him all by herself (with a tiny bit of help from daddy!)
Since we've been home, Maisey has been such a BIG helper. She is always so concerned about her brother. She likes to push him in his swing (I'm surprised he hasn't fallen out yet!), She likes to lay on the floor by him, she likes to help me change his diapers (she LOVES to stick her fingers in the Vaseline), She shares her toys and books with him, and she likes to help him with his paci! Let's just say we don't leave them in the same room together unattended!
Facts I have discovered in the last week:
*Adjusting to 2 kids is work! We came home from the hospital on Saturday around noon but last weekend was our Stake Conference and Elder Russel M. Nelson came. So Shaun went to the priesthood and adult sessions on Saturday night! Talk about having to adjust quickly. I had both kids at home, but it went surprisingly well.
*Between 2 kids you go through TONS of diapers. I feel like all I do is change diapers, and feed kids!
*Maisey is a giant! She is actually in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, but once you hold Gage, then go back to holding Maisey she feels very heavy and looks really tall.
*You can plan all you want, but sometimes Heavenly Father knows what's best for you! I had all of my days jam-packed full of things that needed to get done before I was going to be induced, including a baby shower and grocery shopping. Well, my baby shower was cancelled, and I still haven't gone to the grocery store! But that's ok, because we get an extra week with Daddy before he starts his new job and we are enjoying every minute of it!


Jenny said...

Dear Maisey,

I'm happy you are a big sister. Maybe someday you can give me some pointers. In the meantime, have fun with "your" new baby!


Steve and Meredith said...

Congrats! He is so cute! Glad things are going well- I bet you are just the best mom!

DaNae said...

He is adorable! And you are looking great too. This is making me nervous/excited to have ours. You will have to give me all of your tips- cuz in 3 months you will be a pro with 2 kids and I will be a rookie.

Mich and Nate said...

Gage is darling! I am so happy for you and your famliy! Congrats!

R and M said...

Congratulations Em and Shaun! Your kids are darling :)

Karl & Leslie said...

Congrats!It's kind of nice that he came a little early so daddy has some time with him too! You family is cute! I gets easier I promise! :)

The Moore Family said...

Oh he is so cute. Your little family is darling. I want to send you something but I misplaced your address can you email me (when you get time)at

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

NW Kids Club sounds like fun! I think we are getting over our yucky sickness. I'm so sad I haven't gotten to see Gage yet! It's better to stay away, though. Give me a call, because I don't know Salem at all. I will probably have to map quest the address.