Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Activities

On Easter, we all slept in until after 8 am! I have to admit it was pretty nice, even though I was awake at like 5 and just laying there (that's the story of my life the last few weeks). Once Mais woke up we got out of bed and went out to the family room to do Easter baskets and our Easter Egg Hunt. Maisey got some Dora Bubble Bath in her Easter basket and she got a spring outfit from the Easter Bunny. She was very excited. Then we did the egg hunt, which she mastered the day before. We all got ready for church and Maisey was bouncing off the walls because her daddy let her eat candy and fruit snacks from her Easter Eggs. Maisey wore her pretty Easter dress and purse to church. She was super hyper during Sacrament meeting. She has been SO good the last few months but today she was climbing all over the pews, talking really loud, and she even sang during the special musical number. No more candy before church!

After church we came home and we all took naps. I have been trying to fight a sinus infection and I lost my voice, so I was really enjoyed my nap! Once we all woke up we headed down to my Mom's for Easter dinner, another egg hunt and then to our Stake Easter Fireside. It was a pretty nice day.

I made this yummy bunny cake for our dessert!

Maisey's Easter basket and outfit from the Easter Bunny!

After church, Maisey was still SO hyper. I am sure they gave her pure sugar for her snack in nursery. When we got home from church I told her to go to her room so she could take her nap. Instead she went to Mommy's room got my p.j.s and got on my bed. She thought she was so silly!

She found an egg at Grandma's house!

Giving Grandma loves for her egg hunt and her other Easter goodies!
On Monday, we had some friends from our ward over to watch the NCAA championship basketball game and then to do FHE. UNC won (that's who Shaun picked!). We had a great time, and I did this fun Easter lesson for Maisey and her friend Porter. It was about the Atonement and Easter. Maisey kept saying, "Again, Again!" So I have redone our Easter lesson several times this week and Maisey loves to see that Jesus was in the tomb and then an Angel came and rolled the rock away and Jesus woke up after 3 days and now he lives again! She loves Jesus and she loves to learn about him. Her Grandma Grimmett sent us the new Gospel Picture Kit (along with some other fun Easter things) in the mail and Maisey really likes to look at it! It makes me so happy that she loves to learn about the Gospel.

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