Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has been a wonderful day so far. My sister spoke in Sacrament meeting in her ward, so we headed down to hear her. Then we made it back in time for our church too. It was a lot of church for 2 kids and a tired mom, but we made it. Shaun gave me a dozen roses, Maisey gave me some chocolate, and Gage gave me. . .


I have wanted an elliptical for a long time, and I finally got one. Main reason: I have 17 pounds to lose before my sister's wedding in July! 11 weeks. . . I can do it!

Also, Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world. I am so lucky that she lives so close. She is a HUGE help and a BEST friend! I love you mom!

And, a Happy Mother's Day to Jeanne. Thank you for the way you raised Shaun. He is a great husband and father.

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Wow, Gage! I'm impressed! You have set high standards for Mother's Day's to come! Haha! I love working out on ellipticals. My only advice to you, Emily, is the elliptical only works if you use it!- J/k I know you will! I say that because my treadmill has been collecting dust the past couple of months...I need to get back in gear so that my treadmill works!! When it's nice weather, we should go walking/jogging together. It's always more fun to have someone to talk to and distract you from the pain! Happy Mother's Day!