Monday, May 25, 2009

My Old Man is 1 Month!

-- Gage's Likes --

  • Sleep - and he is awesome at it too! He even puts himself to sleep for naps and at night time!
  • Eat - Every 2 hours, except at night!
  • Maisey - He loves to watch her, especially when she is being silly
  • Toy Mat - He will lay on the floor on this for a long time and be so content!
  • Cuddles - Doesn't matter who with, he just loves to cuddle!

-- Gage's Dislikes --

  • Swing - Although he is starting to get a little better. He will now stay in it occasionally.
  • Bouncy - Cries every time!
  • Being Put Down - Except when he is tired or he is playing on the toy mat!
  • Chocolate - That's right, he does not like when I eat chocolate! It makes his little tummy so upset, so I have given it up for now. (I know, it's so hard to believe! The sacrifices you make for the ones you love!)
Don't go too far, because he can roll off! That's right, I know from experience! He rolled off the couch last week. (Please don't think I am a horrible mom!)

He loves his play mat. The last few days he has actually started to play with the toys!

Just in the last week, he has lost all of his hair on the top of his head.

He looks like an old man!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Both of my little guys looked like little old men, too! I think it's cute! I just hope my girls don't look that way:)