Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a glimpse into my life

- today is laundry day. i just folded my clothes. 6 hoodies and a cardigan. i'll give you one guess as to what i wore to church on sunday.

- gage is getting a tooth. enough said.

- maisey is going through some crazy phase where her potty training habits have regressed, a.lot.

- i'm joining the local gym tonight. kinda nervous. big commitment.

- we had a snow storm today, at least that's what the news said. snow was falling but not sticking. i wouldn't go straight to storm.

- gage likes to touch himself and say ball when getting his diaper changed. today it went a little too far and i had to clean poop off his pudgy hand. gross, i know.

- shaun got a little promo at work. he is now assistant to the team lead, or as dwight would say, assistant team lead. either way i'm proud of him.

- maisey is playing wedding with her friend and keeps calling him babe.

- and i'm so glad michelle is finally off the bachelor.


that's what she said...

haha...michelle was crazy. but reeaaaallly entertaining to watch. i'm actually kinda bummed. as long as he didn't choose her, i would've been happy if she'd stayed until the final two.

DaNae said...

Boys are nuts. Knox is always playing with himself and he pooped twice and peed once on the floor tonight as he was walking from his bath to his bedroom. I feel for you.

The Benson Family said...

Ha ha...sounds like fun! I'm so disappointed that it snowed while I was working! :-( I have been wishing for some snow all winter!

dana said...

-you looked hawt on sunday...loved the hoodie...oh wait.....

-teeth suck

-potty training sucks worse

-gym? YESSSSSSS! I am so excited to see you there.

-i didnt even see the snow

-not gonna comment on poop

-yay Shaun!

-"babe" is way better then some names she could be calling him

-love the bachelor