Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple Pleasures

This box has been a boat, a slide, a hospital, Santa's workshop, a library, a crib, a roller coaster, and I'm sure other things that I missed while working on our taxes ALL.DAY. (that's another story) These kids and all the other kids at our house today spent hours playing with this thing! And tonight my kids were "rowing" their boat until it capsized and then would laugh and giggle until I would come and flip them back over! It's so nice to see them play so well together, at least for 15 min.

And this was popped with our brand new over-the-range microwave that came out of the aforementioned box! Our old microwave broke right after Christmas. We have gone with out chicken nuggets, bagel bites, popcorn, and leftovers for over a month! It's been a long time, so after Shaun and our friend installed it last night, I popped my self some popcorn! YUM! You never know how much you use something until you don't have it anymore!

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Mason & Laura said...

yeah--why do we bother buying toys when they just want to play with boxes??

I'm so glad Maisey had a good time at the party--she is SO adorable! And I had taken that picture right as the party was starting, she was the only one of our guests who was there that wanted to be in it!! Then my camera died. Haha, so no apologies!