Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Miley: 4 months

Loves playing with hair. She will grab anyone's with in reach!
She is also losing hair like crazy. It's all over her crib sheet, her blankets, her bouncy, and my shirts. 

 She started sucking her thumb this month!

 Her aunt Kate is so proud (Kate sucker her thumb until she was at least 12, but maybe until she was married!)

 Now that school has started for both big kids, this girl pretty much lives in her car seat. Luckily she doesn't protest too much anymore.

 She played in the exersaucer for the first time this month and LOVES it! She can spin herself around in the seat to reach the different toys and she likes to put the toys in her mouth. This thing keeps her pretty entertained for a while.

 She discovered her feet this month and loves to play with them.

She also discovered her voice!!!!! She was *happily* screaming and squealing all of Sacrament Meeting last week.

 Shaun gave her her first taste of food the other night. It was my homemade applesauce. At first she wasn't impressed but then she squealed until daddy gave her another tiny bite.

 She is really into her toys. Her favorites are this bear that giggles and, 
this little dollie.

 She enjoyed all of our trips to the park this month. This girl likes to be in the fresh air!

 She is just all around a cute and happy baby!!!

 Enjoying a daddy-daughter story time!

A little bit more about Miley:

* She won't take a bottle anymore. :( But she is back to nursing like a champ!

* She gets her last feeding of the day at 8:30 pm and goes to bed around 9:00 pm. She doesn't get fed again until 6:30 am or after. If she wakes up in between (which she has every night this month except for one) then she puts herself back to sleep or Daddy or I go in and pat her. We're hoping she starts sleeping all the way through the night again soon

* She has started taking crazy long naps, like sometimes up to 4 hours long. For example, right now she has been sleeping for 3 hours and 45 minutes. I always go in to check on her to make sure she is still breathing.

* She likes to sleep with her silky blankie right up to her face, which makes me nervous. I remember Gage used to do the same thing too.

* We put her in her crib for naps and at bed when she is wide awake and she falls asleep all on her own.

* She is a major Mama's girl! When Daddy got back from his trip last week she cried when he held her. She also cries when she notices other people are holding her besides me.

* She has the cutest little giggle and does it a lot more often now.

* She has started spitting up a little bit less in volume, but not really in frequency. 

* She drools a ton and is always chewing on her hands, my hair, a toy, etc. Whatever she can get in her mouth.

 I might be a little biased, but this little girl is SO.DANG.CUTE!!!!!!!

I just can't get enough of her!


Trevor and Amy said...

Such a beautiful little girl!

that's what she said...

Oh she's a doll!!! She and Hudson sound a lot alike-he also loves his thumb and I am fighting him on it all day long, lol. Man, can I just arrange their first date for when she turns 16??? :)