Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Update

After a little cuddle time with Grandma,

some Lime Berry,

and some flowers from a friend, we survived our first few days at the charter school.

We decided to stick with it for now. 

We figured if we sent her back to the normal school I would pretty much be teaching her reading, writing, and math at home, but she would be having lots of fun at school. But if we kept her in the charter school, she would be getting all of the academics she needs at school and so when she gets home we can focus on fun learning activities. So this is what she says, "I go to real school in the mornings, then I have fun school with mom in the afternoons." Our new routine looks like this:

Mondays: Mom's school
Tuesdays: Mom's school
Wednesdays: Quite rest time on bed (she has dance in the afternoons and will be dead tired!)
Thursdays: Kinder Enrichment (a program at the charter school that you have to pay for)
Friday: Mom's school

So yesterday was our first "Mom School" day. We read a book called "The Doorbell Rang" and then acted it out with princesses and our toy cookies. While acting it out we did some math activities and found how many addition problems we could make that equaled 12. Then we played memory with the toy cookies and talked about shapes and how many sides each shape has.

Then we read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and did some comprehension activities.

And then we got to make chocolate chip cookies to have that night for our FHE treat.

I think we have a good plan in place to have a successful Kindergarten year. I am very thankful that my mom is a school teacher and can help me come up with activities that will help Maisey remember that learning and school can be fun.

Gage is LOVING school and is really sad that he doesn't go every day like Maisey. He still has to bring his backpack in the car on the mornings that he doesn't go to school. His teacher made a fun collage of pictures from his first week. It was so fun to hear him telling daddy all about it. 

Top (L to R): Water table, bristle blocks, silly putty and counting bears (which he called "funny putty"), painting (comes home with 5 pictures a day!).
Bottorm: Swinging, playing kitchen, painting the play structure with water, digging in the sensory table.

Top: Making letter necklaces, sliding, play doh, reading
Bottom: Playing cars, blocks, kitchen, vacuuming

And a picture of him snitching cookies. . .

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