Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Week of Thanksgiving

After Gage's basketball game last Saturday the girls headed to Bauman Farms to pre-order our Thanksgiving pies while the boys headed home to start getting the Christmas decorations out. I was trying to take a picture of Miley on this stuffed horse and some awkward man came up to us and asked if we all wanted to be in the picture. Uh, not really, but I didn't want to make him feel bad. It turned out pretty cute!

This is what we came home from Bauman Farms to see. . . yes, that is my 4 year old on the roof. I'm surprised someone didn't call CPS on Shaun! Haha!

We had some friends over to watch the BYU vs. Notre Dame game. It was Gage's little friend's birthday so Gage picked out a little gift for him and made him some cupcakes!

During the football game, my friend and I discussed reupholstering my chair. It is so worn out and gross, so I figured I may as well attempt to reupholster it before we just get a new one. (more on this at the bottom!)

The debut of our house! It's just missing the inflatable Santa.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving Gage had school but Maisey didn't, so after we dropped him off we headed to Panera Bread for breakfast and to do a little shopping. Maisey picked out her teacher's Christmas gift and a little baby gift for her teacher (she's having a baby next month).

Maisey also picked out a couple of things for herself. She had her parent/teacher conference this night and was excited to wear this new shirt to it!

 On Tuesday I did something I swore to myself I would never do -- I wore brown with black. This has been a major pet peeve of mine for 20+ years, but I always see people wearing camel colored boots with black and it helps to lighten the outfit a bit, so I tried it out. I'm still not sure about it.

Also on Tuesday, we visited Grammy for lunch at her school! This is one of my kids' all time favorite thing to do!

After we got home from Grammy's school, Maisey had some friends over for a play date. They acted out the whole Cinderella story for me and it was so cute!

On Wednesday, we headed back to Bauman Farms to pick up our pies and it was a nice morning, so I let the kids play for a while.

Then in the afternoon we got ready for our family pictures. I was worried Gage was going to have a major meltdown when he saw what I wanted him to wear. He despises clothing with buttons: shirts, pants, jackets, anything! His jeans and his shirt had buttons. And he's also not a big fan of ties, but he got dressed like a champ and didn't put up a fight! Whew!

And the miracle continued during family pictures as well. They all did such a great job! I can't wait to see them!

I got up early Thanksgiving morning to get the turkey ready. After I got it in the oven, I headed to pick up a paper and a drink to get me through the day! :)

We ate at noon which was great timing. Lunch then naps? Sounds great to me!

Grammy joined us for the day, and even Scott stopped by for a bit.

We made leaf shaped sugar cookies because some of us don't like pie.

But some of us do like pie, and they were delicious!!!

Then we sent Daddy down to sit in line at Target for the evening to get us a new TV! He was successful and was back home by 9 pm. (Just enough time for my mom and I to go back out!)

Right after Shaun left, the kids were all in their rooms resting and my mom and I were enjoying the ads when we heard a loud explosion. We ran outside and saw our next-door neighbor's garage on fire. He grabbed his hose and yelled to me to call 911. Black smoke was billowing out and it was really scary. The neighbor managed to put most of it out with his hose before the firemen came. They pulled tons of charred possessions from the garage and found that it was a remote control car battery that exploded and started the fire. The police officer came over and talked to us for a few minutes. He said when the call came in he was sure it was a deep-fried turkey gone wrong. Haha!  It definitely made for an eventful afternoon.

On Friday (with my Black Friday hangover from shopping all night with my mom) we headed out to get our Christmas tree. The kids love riding on the tree cart.

Us in front of our tree! 
(the lighting is really weird, sorry.)

Miley has become very possessive of everything and kept thinking she was the only one who could pull the tree cart. Luckily the tree wasn't on it yet.

Once the tree was cut, we let Gage do the honors of pulling it all the way back up to the front. He definitely used his muscles!

After the tree was all loaded up, we went for a "train" ride around the farm. And by train ride, I mean we were pulled by a 1930's tractor that kept stalling and lurching. It wasn't the greatest, but the kids had fun, and that's what counts right?

On Saturday I decided to reupholster the chair. I just wanted to get it done and thought I could have it done by nap time if I worked all morning. Haha, that was a mistake. I worked on the darn thing for more than 10 hours and it still isn't all the way finished. And, I'm the world's worst sewer (like my mom had to come thread the machine for me!!), so next time I ever mention to any of you that I am considering a project, please talk me out of it and remind me about my chair. Thanks!
 This is the top! That's right, can you see FOUR lines in it? And it still doesn't fit right! 

 I ended up putting some velcro under the head rest thing, to make it look more defined. Well, that shortened up the cover by like 4 inches! So I ended up having to sew more fabric on to the bottom, which was a headache since it is a very particular pattern and I had to get it to match up just right. 

My mom is coming over tomorrow night to help me finish it, but this pic gives you an idea of the finished product. I can probably live with it for another year or two, as long as nobody sits in it! :)

I hope you all had a nice week of Thanksgiving!

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Danielle said...

Gage on the roof...men! And you may think you win the world's worst sewer award but nope, I get all 1st place ribbons in that arena. maybe next year....lol.