Monday, December 2, 2013

Gage's Last Basketball Game

Gage's last basketball game was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I broke out my DLSR to take decent pictures at the game and left it on the counter. When I downloaded the pics to the computer I found these gems. Apparently Gage and Maisey had a little photo shoot before the game!

Back to basketball! :)
 Gage played really hard the first half of the game, but was discouraged he still hadn't made a basket. It was his last game and he just had to make one!

 This video seriously makes me tear up every time I watch it. I love his little victory dance at the end and he tells everyone about his basket that he scored! He also scored another one before the game was over!
(Excuse my excited "mom" scream!)

 Grammy was there for his last game! He was so excited to have a fan!

 Coach Shaun and his elephants!

 The Elephants!

 He loved the snacks!

 And so did this sassy girl!

I sure do love my boys and I love that they both had a great time this basketball season!

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Danielle said...

what a CUTE video-I would've screamed just the same way! :)