Sunday, November 2, 2014

10/19-10/25 - Field Trip and Fright Night


Today was the pumpkin patch field trip. I had already agreed to watch a lady's kids that morning, so Shaun went on the field trip with our kids.

 Gage and his favorite buddy were in the same group! 
(can you call boys BFFs?)


This day ended up being a crazy day. Gage had his first appointment with an LPC that afternoon. It took me months to find someone who would see a 5 year old and was covered by our insurance. Shaun was supposed to meet us there from work but one of his imports at work had major issues. He did end up coming, but was very distracted with work problems and even had to step out at one point to take a phone call from the client. It turned out to be a frustrating appointment and I left in tears wondering if what I was doing was even right. I didn't like the counselor. He didn't seem kid-friendly (which he only sees kids) and he wasn't much help. He suggested Gage get some blood work done, and get more sleep. That's a problem, because Gage isn't much of a sleeper and it's not like you can make him sleep. We put him to bed early and he still wakes up early; but we will keep trying. He also suggested we cut out food dye and high fructose corn syrup from his diet since those can contribute to anger, aggression, tantrums, distractability, and hyperactivity. Those are all of the issues we are having, so we were willing to give it a try. More on that later.
Maisey had a cooking class that night. Shaun usually takes her but had to stay at work to solve the import problems that happened earlier. My mom came up to babysit so I could take Maisey. She had fun, and it was nice to sit back and catch up on a few things on my phone. . . for 5 minutes until it died. :(

My mom took these pics of Miley. She took the sink out of her kitchen and decided to take a seat. She thought it was pretty fun.

Until she couldn't get out. Then she just got mad!!

Shaun still wasn't home when my mom had to leave for her dinner plans so my neighbor ended up coming over to babysit so I could go to a baby shower after the cooking class. I didn't have time to run Maisey home so she just came with me. 

Once Shaun got home and we got all the kids in bed we were both able to vent about the day. 


One trick I have learned as a parent is that you have to out-smart your kid and get them excited about the choice you want them to make. Case in point: Miley has been a stinker lately when it comes to getting in her jammies. Buuuuut. . . I tricked her into thinking her jammies with snowmen on them are Olaf jammies and she was in those things in less than 10 seconds! BAM! 

Our jog-a-thon was in our town's newspaper! Gage is in the front of the middle picture in the blue shirt. His head is turned talking to his friend (BFF?) in the orange shirt. 


Shaun got done with his golf lessons right on time, so my mom and I had time to run errands. I get so excited when I get to run kid-free errands!

I also get very excited when I can fill my van up for under $50!!! I know I am lame!


It was a polka dot day. You can't really see it in the pic, but her headband, shirt, necklace, bracelet, leggings, socks, and shoes all have polka dots!

My hubby knew I had a long, rough week. He brought me home this delicious bundt cake and let me go to the gym in the evening for a kickboxing class. 


Miley rocked her llama hat from Aunt Janel all day!

My mom and I shopped all afternoon. My sister found out she is having her first girl (she already has two boys) so we did some baby girl shopping!

That evening, Shaun and I headed out on a much needed date/friend night! Our friends that moved away came back to town for our Annual Fright Night.

The men with the owner of Fright Town

The ladies. We were all smiles because we hadn't gone in yet. 

We all had a great time screaming our lungs out and grabbing onto each other. We ended the night with pie shakes, a much more relaxed setting for visiting and catching up with everyone.

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