Saturday, April 5, 2008


My family can tell you better than anyone that life never goes as planned. These last two weeks have been some of the craziest weeks of the year! My mom and brother came for spring break two weeks ago, and we went to Colorado for Easter. Maisey had a great Easter day and had fun eating the plastic Easter eggs. She got some magnet letters and numbers to play with on the refrigerator and Grandma gave her a book "Happy Easter Maisy".
Maisey enjoyed playing with cousin Shayla's toys! She loved the blocks!
Grandma took Maisey on her first ride down the slide at the park. She loved it!
We were supposed to stay in Colorado until Wednesday, but we ended up leaving early because my niece Shayla was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake. She has had digestive problems for a long time, but she got really sick this time and was throwing up like crazy. She was so dehydrated and lethargic. They pretty much did every test on her and everything came back normal, but things are NOT normal. So after being there for a week, they sent her home with no real conclusions. So things were pretty hectic that week with my mom and brother here, Shayla in the hospital, Shaun's birthday, my sister Kelsey getting her wisdom teeth out, and me leaving to go to Oregon. Will life ever slow down?
Poor Shayla resting in her bed.
Shayla's nurses made her a crown and named her the "wagon princess" because she always wanted to go on wagon rides.

One night last week, I just had to get out and go for a relaxing walk. So I decided to use our jogging stroller for the first time. Maisey obviously thought the ride was so smooth that she would take a little snooze.
Shaun's birthday was Friday, March 28th. That was the most stressful day for me that week, and I feel so bad that Shaun hardly even saw me on that day. He opened his gifts the night before, and I gave him a game by Days of Wonder called Colosseum. He was really excited. I made him the family favorite Daffy Cake with homemade frosting. Even though it was one of the worst days for me, I think it was ok for Shaun. Happy Birthday Honey! I love you!
The day after Shaun's birthday, I headed home to Oregon. This trip home was to babysit my cousin's 2 little kids. Alex is 6 and Madi is 3. It was pretty hectic going from a mom of 1 to a mom of 3 over night! Alex was 25 minutes late to school the first morning, but by day 2 and 3 I had the routine down and we were on time! Alex and Madi loved playing with Maisey and helping me with her. Maisey was pretty hesitant about all of the extra attention at first, but by the end she was enjoying it. Now that we are back home she still wants all of that attention, but there aren't two extra kids to give it to her, so we are trying to adjust again!
My flight got in Friday morning and 9 am. By the time we got to Provo it was 10:15, and we dropped Maisey off at our neighbors house and headed to Shaun's induction ceremony for Beta Gamma Sigma (a prestigious national honors society for business students). I was falling asleep during the ceremony from having two extremely exhausting weeks in a row, but I was so proud of Shaun. I forgot to take my camera to the ceremony, so I took this cheesy picture of him at home!
Anyway, that is our life for the last two weeks. Things should be slowing down a little bit this week, until I have to start packing because we move in 3 1/2 weeks! Ugh, life is just so crazy!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You have had a crazy couple of weeks. Is Shayla going to be okay? Did they ever figure out what was wrong? We just got back from Idaho today. It was wonderful to go home to visit. I hope all is well there. Good luck with the move!

DaNae said...

You have been busy girl. Poor Shayla. She looks so little in that hospital bed. I hope they can figure out what is wrong.

Monica said...

WOW that is a busy life! Let us know when you need help with the move!