Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some BIG Events at the Grimmett House

We have achieved a few milestones in the last few days!!! I attended my last class EVER!!! This has been a day that I have been looking forward to for a long time because I have dragged out my graduation from last Winter (1 whole year!!!) I also gave my last class presentation. I had to make a religious item for our home. I decided to make a scrapbook/remembrance book about my dad, so Maisey will know her Grandpa. It turned out excellent, and Maisey LOVES to look at the pictures. I included some advice that he has given us, some excerpts from his talks, and some of his journal entries. I hope it will be a precious gift for Maisey.
Mais absolutely loves looking at this book. In this picture she is looking at pictures of Grandpa and Grandma but her favorite page is the page of just her and Grandpa! She kicks her legs and squeals and gets SO excited. I love it!

This is the cover of the book.

These are some pictures from the funeral. I hope Mais will treasure this book.

So... Another BIG event, I got out an outfit that Grandma Grimmett gave Maisey. It had a clip that came with it, so I decided to try it out in her hair. It looked so dang cute!!!

Also. . . do you see that bookshelf behind Mais? Yeah, that is all packed up now. I spent all day today packing our house. I got a lot done.

The reason I got so much done was because Shaun took Maisey on their first Daddy-Daughter date. He took her to the Blue and White football game today. This was Maisey's first adventure with out her Mommy. I was sad, but I was able to get so much packed! Shaun came back and reported the date a success (and believe me, I asked for all the details!). He said that she loved waving to all of the people and as they were walking into the stadium, she was waving to all of the cars.

Maisey is sporting her new hat from Easter. It did its job by keeping the sun out of her face.

A couple other things...

The Office was a little disappointing. There were a few funny parts, but it was incredibly awkward in most parts. Michael and Jan are a very dysfunctional couple. The episode seemed incredibly short. 1 1/2 thumbs down.

As long as we are talking about Steve Carell, we rented Dan in Real Life tonight. Another big disappointment. Very slow and predictable. We have heard so many good things about it, so I was so excited to watch it. Definitely not even worth renting.

This week, we have been putting Maisey to bed awake, and letting her cry to sleep. I am SO happy to report that it is going amazingly well. She only cries for like 2 minutes (if even) and then she is out. We have been putting her to bed around 10 pm and she will wake up usually around 9 am the next morning. Why didn't we start this sooner???


DaNae said...

I love that book you made for Maisey! She will treasure it for sure. It is awesome that she is going to sleep so good! Crying it out is the bomb.

The Daines said...

Totally jealous of all the sleep you are getting...
Maisey is so cute! I love the picture of her with her daddy...good luck with your move!

Anonymous said...

What a special book for Maisey and you. That is definetly a treasure. We have our own fond memories of your Dad that we will always treasure. This last summer, just after Jon was put in as the bishop, the kids and I were walking down the hall of the church, when around the corner was your dad and the twins. They gave us such a wonderful and special surprise. That will be a moment that we will always treasure. Anyway, good luck with the move. I know your mom will be so happy to have you guys closer to home!

The Hillmans said...

Hi!!! Maisey is so cute, I loved looking through your blog and catching up on everything that you guys have been up to. If you visit Spokane anytime this summer make sure to get ahold of us, we would love to see all of you. Maisey and Brooklyn would have so much fun together. See ya!

Jeff and Brandi said...

Maisey is darling! Thanks so much for making us dinner. YOu are sooooo sweet. It has been so nice to have some home cooked meals. Thanks a million!

The Osborns said...

I love the book! What a special treasure! I love that you added the journal entries and parts from his talks. What a great idea for carrying on righteous traditions!