Thursday, April 17, 2008


How did Maisey get carrot spit up on the back of her shirt? Let me tell you...

So a few mornings ago, I ventured out to get some things done and I left Mais home with Shaun. I asked Shaun to feed her and get her ready for the day. When I returned I took Mais into her room to change her diaper, and I found that Daddy had put her shirt on backwards!!! So Mais spit carrots up, but when I changed her shirt around, it ended up on the back and looked pretty funny.

Shaun's defense was, "Most of her clothes have buttons in the back, not the front."
My comeback, "Yeah, but on ALL of her clothes, the tags ALWAYS go in the back!!!"

Anyway, I thought I would share that funny story with you all. You've gotta love Dads!

(By the way, I have been trying to post Maisey's 8 month pictures that we took, but they never load, so hopefully those will be coming soon!!!)

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David & Wendy Pendergrass said...

I love Dad moments! Thanks for sharing! One time David couldn't get Lucy's shirt off and thought her head was just too big. I happily showed him there were buttons in the back. Dad's are cute and you have to love it when they try!