Monday, January 19, 2009

The BEST!!!!

I just want everyone to know that I married the BEST guy in the whole world! He amazes me everyday! He is a great, sensitive, and supportive husband, and a fun, silly, caring, and loving father!

Friday night we hired a babysitter again (Later I found out she was a 6th grader! A 6th GRADER!!!! I'll update more on that later!) and we headed to dinner and a hockey game! Just the 2 of us! It was so fun to spend a baby free night with my wonderful husband!

On Saturday, we did some shopping in the morning and then Shaun took Maisey for pretty much the whole afternoon! My mom and I went to see Bride Wars -- which was a great girls movie and it was so nice to just get out of the house for a while! Then my mom and I did some more shopping. Old Navy was having a huge sale -- I scored some pretty cute maternity clothes for VERY cheap! Then we headed to the grocery store and once again I was able to get my grocery shopping done BABY FREE!!!!! It was amazing! When I got home, Shaun had put Maisey down for her nap and while she was sleeping he did lots of yard work, frosted the cupcakes that I had made that morning, and did the dishes! All with out being asked!!! It was such a nice surprise!

Thanks for being a great Daddy to Maisey and a great Husband to Me!

I did Maisey's hair in pigtails for the first time this weekend! She looked so dang cute!

She loves to get her haid done. She sits sooooo still!

We were eating dinner one night and Mais lounged back in her chair and stuck her foot on the table! She was being so silly!!!
A few other things:
  • Last Monday, Maisey learned how to go DOWN stairs. She's known how to go upstairs for 6 months now, but she would always get to the top and scream because she couldn't get back down. Well... we were playing at my cousin's house on Monday and I hadn't seen her for a while, so I went to go check on her and she was half way down the stairs! I was pretty schocked! The best part about this story is every Monday I get an email from Baby center about the development of Maisey for how many weeks old she is. This is the one that I got that night --

"Hello, Emily! By now your toddler may be able to climb up a set of stairs, turn around at the top and sit, then scoot her way back down. Some more cautious toddlers may like climbing up the stairs but will call for help to get back down. Sign your child up for a toddler gymnastics class at the local Y or community center where she can
climb and tumble over soft play structures without getting hurt. Or make your own play area at home by stacking pillows on top of a mattress or futon on the floor to make a pint-size climbing course. "

  • So Tuesday night we did end up going to the temple! I didn't fall asleep, and I did worry the whole time! Especially because when we left Maisey was SCREAMING!!! But the sitter (Brandy) said she only cried for a few minutes and then she was really good and she went to bed really well too!
  • So Friday night I went to pick up Brandy's sister, Ashley! I had never met Ashley before. When we were driving to my house I asked her what grade she was in and she said, "6th"!!! I pretty much almost passed out! I was pretty worried all night, but Ashley did a great job and Maisey was peacefully sleeping when we got home! I guess leaving her with a babysitter isn't as bad as I thought!
  • This week Maisey has started calling her baby "Baby Abby". It's totally cute that she named her all by herself. So we don't leave home with out Abby anymore.
  • When I ask Maisey what we should name mommy's baby she says, "Elmo!" Of course!!!
  • Maisey ate ANOTHER tube of my chapstick this week, which brings her total to 3!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad all went well with the Babysitter. Cori is old enough to stay home with our kids and I still worry! :) Shawn sounds like a great man. One of these days I will have to finally meet him! Take care!

Gary & Julie said...

Maisey is so beautiful, she seems like she's always smiling=)