Saturday, January 31, 2009

You know it's bad when . . .

. . . You can't smell your daughter's poopy diapers for 3 days when you can usually smell a poopy diaper with in 30 ft (make that 60 ft. when your pregnant!)

. . . Your throat is so swollen that you can't swallow your prenatal vitamins.

So I finally went to the doctor today, after being sick all week, to find out that I have a sinus infection and pneumonia. No wonder I have been coughing like crazy. Seriously. . . I have never had a cough like this. Good thing it's the weekend and Shaun is home to take care of Maisey! I am going to bed and probably won't get out until Sunday afternoon!

Happy Hibernating!

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Danielle and the Boys said...

goodness, I wonder if i have the same thing?! i'm up cuz i can't sleep from coughing and it feels like somebody took a scrubber to the back of my throat. Unfortunately Ethan has the same thing as me so its been a long week for the both of us.

Good luck with feeling better!!! Maybe you'll go to sleep and wake up and have it completely gone....a girl can dream, right? :)