Monday, January 12, 2009

A Nervous Mom!

The title only describes the last paragraph! So if you want to skip the catching up I do in the first 95% of this post, that is fine!

So when we went to Spokane at Christmas time, I didn't take very many pictures on my camera. Most of them were taken on Shaun's sister's camera. So I was waiting for her to send them to me so I could update. Finally I just decided not to wait any longer. I'm sure I'll post those pictures soon.

Christmas time was kind of a crazy time for us! We had so much snow on the ground and some of the freeways and highways around here were shut down. So I decided last minute that I was not going to ride in a car to Spokane. I told Shaun the only way I was going was if we flew. I said that we would probably end up divorced by the time we got to Spokane if we drove. I am a nervous wreck in bad weather. Since we decided so late to fly, there weren't very many tickets available. We ended up flying to Spokane on Christmas evening. And we came back on Sunday! It was the perfect amount of time for us to be there.

Since we didn't fly out until Christmas night, we were able to spend our first Christmas owning a house actually at our house! It was SOOO nice to just do our own thing with our own little family. Since we've been married we've switched off spending time with our families at Christmas time. I told Shaun that we aren't traveling at Christmas anymore! I just want to stay home and enjoy OUR house, OUR beds, and OUR traditions. I know it sounds a little selfish, but by next Christmas we will have our next kid and it's important to establish our own traditions.

Maisey is enjoying a frosted sugar cookie!
Maisey got a wagon from Santa! She loves it and wanted daddy to pull her around the house all morning. She got lots of fun toys from Santa! Her favorite: the $5 stacking cups! Classic!!!

(Sorry all the videos are sideways! I don't know how to change them and that's how they are taken on my phone!)
My mom was taking us to the airport on Christmas afternoon, so we headed over to her house for a bit and then just left from there!

Daddy and Mais took a little snooze....

.... while mommy and grammy squared off in a match of Beach Volleyball on the wii!

We were able to spend New Years out our own house this year also! My mom, and my sisters, and one of their boyfriends came over and we played games and ate some yummy snacks, including our chocolate fountain!

Pregnant Woman + Chocolate Fountain = BAD IDEA!!!!!!!


So, post Christmas, Shaun went back to work! :( It took us pretty much all last week to get back in routine with daddy going to work and Mais staying home with boring mommy! But mommy loves routine and structure, so she's happy to be back on schedule!

Last Monday, we had a special FHE! It was all about missionary work. We sang missionary songs, Shaun read D&C 4, and then we wrote Uncle Ryan letters and Maisey colored him a few pictures plastered with her Wonder Pets stickers that she got from Grammy for Christmas!

Maisey is working hard on her letter to Uncle Ryan!

"All Done Mom!!!"

Maisey has really been developing into her own person lately! (Or a miniature me!) She LOVES to talk on the phone. The other day I let her call my mom. She was just walking around the house talking to her and all of the sudden she came out of the playroom pushing her baby stroller with one hand and holding the phone to her ear with the other, just talking Grammy's ear off! I just started cracking up so hard! I asked myself, "Where does she learn this stuff?" And then it hit me! She loves to be just like her mommy! We eat cereal together every morning, and the other morning, she started drinking her milk out of her bowl, just like mommy! I bought her a potty chair, and she likes to sit on it and pretend to go potty when I am going potty! It's been our routine for Mais to watch Sesame Street while I sit on the couch and read my scriptures. Well, the last few days, Sesame Street hasn't been doing the trick. She climbs up on the couch and wiggles in right next to me, and helps me read. I read aloud to her and she actually sits there. I am sure this is just a phase, but right now it is very cute!

She is also really into developing her language. My mom gave her some flash cards for Christmas, and we never leave home with out them! She loves to identify the pictures on the cards and she also loves to identify her Sesame Street characters in all of her books. Shaun helps her practice their names in the bath!

My favorite is when she says Abby Cadabby!

She also loves to point out all of her friends on the picture board that I made for her!

So tomorrow is our big day! The first day we leave Maisey with a baby sitter. We attempted this once before but then she got an ear infection so we ended up cancelling! We are going to the temple tomorrow night for ward temple night and my mom has enrichment for her ward so she can't babysit! So we set up to have a young woman from our ward come and babysit. I am really nervous because it's not like she can call us if she has a question or something goes wrong, because we are at the temple! However, Mais has developed this NASTY cough this afternoon where she was coughing so hard she was gagging. . . . so I am kind of wondering if she knows that we are getting ready to leave her so she gets sick, because I mean seriously, 2 times in a row now she has done this! I'm sure we will still go, but it's kind of a coincidence!

Wish this nervous mom some luck tomorrow night!!! (Hey, at least I will be able to stay awake the whole time at the temple because I will be worrying!!!!!! :) )


Danielle and the Boys said...

i feel you on the nervous thing! i haven't left ethan with anyone but family either. (nice to have family close, huh?) she sounds like she's growing up too fast...but i'm sure she just gets more and more fun each day!

DaNae said...

Her little voice is so cute. Don't worry about the babysitter. She will love having one and I think its good for them too. Just enjoy your time without her!!

The Moore Family said...

Did you end up making it to the temple? I hate leaving my kids even with the best babysitters I worry. Just a natural thing for a mom to do. They end up having fun and being okay but I still worry. I hope you were able to go and enjoy your date night...we don't know what that is around here.

David and Wendy Pendergrass said...

Your Christmas plans are totally not selfish...I can't wait until my little family can just spend a special little Christmas together without any hustle, bustle, travel or stress, but then it just always seems like the best time because everyone will be there, anyway I envy your Christmas morning.

Good luck with the babysitter! I am sure things will go fine. It's funny when I first had Lucy, I couldn't imagine having a problem leaving her with a babysitter at this age, but now that she is this age, I can't believe how hard it is to leave her every time, even though I know she will be fine! I guess once you are a Mom, you will always be one whether you are with your kids or not!