Monday, January 24, 2011

Try a Little Harder

. . . To Be a Little Better!
That is my 2011 goal!
To be more patient, more kind, more POSITIVE!
To learn how to let things go and be more flexible!
To understand that life is hard, but to find joy in it!
Most people make exercise goals,
or organization goals,
or money-saving goals,
or cooking goals.
And those are all things I need to work on too!
But this year I feel my focus needs to be different!
I need to prepare myself for things to come!
My goals are attitude goals!
I know I can do better,
I just need to try harder!
*** My motto for 2011 to go along with my goal is:
Keep things simple!
This is not the last time you'll see this post! I'm pre-dating this post several more times through out the year to give me a little reminder of what I need to be doing!

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