Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Lovin. . .

- That today is FRIDAY!!!! I am currently watching 8 kids from 4 different families all at different times during the week! Things are sure hectic, but at 6:15 pm on Friday I am done for 2 whole days! That's why I love Fridays!

- This craft that I saw on her blog. I'm going to make it with my young women so I thought I would do a trial run! So cute! So easy! Just my style!

- Miss Maisey is working on telling time and can tell the hour. We made a new rule that she can't get out of bed in the morning until there is a green seven on her clock (7 am)! It's marvelous!

- That these pudgy-painted fingers are the little mans and that he wants to do everything his sissy does! She doesn't love it so much!

- The Scentsy Buddy in both kids' rooms. We have the monkey and the pig! I love walking in their rooms and smelling something pleasant! One of my best purchases!
- My elliptical! I started devoting more time to it for 3 reasons: a) the scale started creeping up on me, b) it's never to early to start preparing for swimsuit season, and c) I really dislike Jillian Michaels and can't bring myself to do the 30-day shred, again. But I can honestly say that I am enjoying the workouts.

- That Gagey thinks he is a big boy and can do everything anyone else can do. He is pretty talented in some areas.

- All of the clearance deals going on right now. But I'm especially fond of Target and Old Navy!

- That we've been having such nice weather! It's been mid 50's and in the afternoon when the fog clears it is just perfect for playing outside with the neighbors.

- My totally awesome, cute, helpful, loving husband who is taking our daughter out on a breakfast date tomorrow morning. He's already got my vote for 2011 dad-of-the-year!

And Gage just came running out of the playroom with a bloody nose, so this post is now over!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I don't know how you do it, watching so many kids! You are amazing! When the weather is nice, we should get a walking/ jogging group going. I am soooo looking forward to being able to exercise again!