Monday, March 28, 2011

28 on the 28th!

Today is Shaun's 28th birthday! We celebrated last night because today is filled with the boring things: work, preschool, babysitting, etc. But Shaun and I are going out tonight! Yay for dates!

We went up to the Adidas Employee Store last week and Shaun picked out a few things for his birthday! So he was surprised when we gave him a few gifts today!

Maisey picked out this Beavers shirt for daddy! She had a hard time keeping it a secret! But he loves it and changed into it immediately!

Gagey gave daddy a Star Wars Lego Clock for his desk at work! He loves that too!
I gave daddy some cologne! We put 28 candles in his Angel Food cake Then we ate dessert!

Happy Golden Birthday Daddy!!!!

You are the best!


Your Family

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Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Shaun!