Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bedroom Transformation

 This is what the kids' rooms looked like Sunday night.

 (bottom half of Gage's room primed, ready for white coat Monday morning)

 This is what the 3 rooms looked like Monday night
 Baby's room (old play room) painted yellow! Thanks mostly to my mom!
 Gage was very concerned that his furniture was missing. He said, "Oh no! Where did my bed go?" It was pretty cute!
Carpets in all three kids' rooms got shampooed Monday night = sleep over in mom and dad's room = NO SLEEP!
This is what the bedrooms look like tonight!
Gage's new room (Maisey's old room) is halfway put together. At least he has a bed to sleep on!

And this is where Maisey is sleeping tonight. You see her little sleeping bag set up in the back corner? 
We are picking her bed up at IKEA hopefully this weekend. We got it all picked out, we just need to go back up and get it.

You should see our garage! All three rooms were stored in our garage at once, so my car was parked outside. On the only snowy week of the whole winter season, might I add. :(

It's getting done slowly, and my Goodwill pile is growing!

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