Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Story of the One-Armed Monkey

There once was a family with two crazy kids!
This family was blessed with an awesome babysitter!
The said sitter made sock monkeys for the crazy kids for Christmas!
One day, on the way to church the sock monkeys got in a fight.
And one of the arms "fell off".
 The little boy was devastated.
The mom couldn't help but laugh, maybe hysterically!
The mom promised the boy she would try to fix it after church.
So the one-armed monkey made it all the way through church with, well, one arm.
He also survived nap time in his amputated state.
After nap time, the mom attempted her sewing skills, with no luck.
The dad suggested they wait until Tuesday and have the babysitter fix it when she comes over.
The mom was too embarrassed to tell a 12 year old that she can't sew a monkey's arm back on.
So she called up her friend and before they knew it, he was a two-armed monkey again.
And the family was thrilled!

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