Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kiddo Update

Things about Maisey lately:

* She said to me the other day in a very concerned tone, "Mommy, our baby is going to be born cute, right?" It was pretty funny.

* She is also very interested in how the baby gets out of my tummy. She keeps asking me over and over again and I don't really know what to say to her, so she said she was going to ask the doctor when she comes to visit me in the hospital! :)

* We were talking about how we respect our bodies and we don't draw on our skin and about tattoos the other day. She said to me, "Only Spanish people and people who drink coffee get tattoos." 

* Maisey and I went to register her for kindergarten last week. It was a very interesting and frustrating experience. The one good thing about it was a lady took Maisey into another room right away and started testing her. When she was done she came back to talk to me. She told me that she was amazed for a 4 year old how well she did. She got 100% on everything except for the reading comprehension which she got 4/5 on. And the lady said it's pretty much impossible to score a 5/5 on that unless you have a photographic memory. It was a proud mommy moment! Then in the car on the way home I was asking her about the testing. She told me, "Mom, I told the lady I liked her shirt, and I actually really did!" I just starting cracking up! She is already a schmoozer!

* She really wanted this Barbie Fashion Dress-up book out of her book order at school. It cost $15, and definitely isn't educational, so she is getting her first lesson in working for something that she wants. We made a chart and glued the picture of the book at the top of it. She has to do chores for me until she earns 15 check marks. This has been interesting so far. Some days she is way more into than others. I bet when the book comes and it has to be put away until she completes her chart, she will be more interested in the chores!

* She asked me if this picture was a picture of her as a baby or of Baby Jesus. When I told her it was a picture of her, she said, "Wow mom! I look a lot like Baby Jesus!"

 * Maisey and I got to go out on a one-on-one date last week. We got Jamba Juice and went to Target. It was fun spending time with her and giving her some special attention before the baby is born.

 * Maisey and Daddy went to a Community Track Meet that a boy in our ward put on for his Eagle Scout project. Maisey ran in a bunch of races and did really well. Shaun also ran in a couple of races (in his jeans!) and did awesome. A bunch of people came up to me at church the next day and told me how well they both did! It was pretty neat.

* We were playing outside and I traced Maisey with chalk. Then she traced me. This is a picture of me! WOW! I knew I was big, but not that big!!! Then she drew this tiny little head on my body. It was pretty cute.

*She is getting ready for her ballet recital next month. Her costume is super cute and she is way excited for her "performance".

Things about Gage lately:

* I took him to his 3 year-old checkup this morning. He was such a good boy. Maybe because I told him it was going to be like going to visit Doc McStuffins! (anybody else's kids obsessed with that show?) Anyway, I was surprised with how much he interacted with the doctor and could answer all of his questions. He loved telling the doctor all about riding his bike and his red helmet. It was pretty cute. He is 39" tall (82%) and 36.5 lbs (85%). He is my big boy!!!

* The other day, I was laughing really hard at something and he said to me, "Mommy, you a Halloween witch!" Apparently my laugh was more of a cackle!

* He was obsessed with the baby sitting in front of us at church on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how he does with his little sis!

* He has developed quite the attitude lately, and will even put his hands on his hips when he is talking to you. The first few times I laughed at it, but now he's getting pretty lippy and has even earned himself a few time outs for it.

* Obsessed with popsicles!

 * He gets into everything, all the time!!! When I was in the shower, he put hand soap in his hair, turned the water on and used my make up brush to "wash" his hair! Very creative, but very annoying!

 * He is really into role playing right now. He loves to "build" things, play store with the cash register, and play restaurant.

 * He asks to go outside everyday and ride his bike. He is getting pretty good about being able to ride it by himself. Sometimes he just needs a little push to get the peddles going.

 * He is still as crazy as ever, going down the driveway head first on Maisey's skate board, with no shoes on, might I add.

* Sleeping in his bed is 50/50 right now. His new thing is to take apart his train table and sleep in there. He's such a weirdo.

A few random things:

* T-ball helmets were on clearance at the store the other night, so we bought them each one. I think they look like storm trooper helmets. Shaun was proud that I even suggested that! :) The kids loved them, but Gage starting going around head butting things, including his sister, so they got put with the other T-ball equipment real fast!

A few random things:

* This is what I wanted for Mother's Day! A lounge chair for our back deck. I have a really nice husband because he said that my ticket was going to be my Mother's Day gift this year, but he gave in and bought this for me. But now, he fell in love with it and brought it inside to watch tv in it! Maybe a matching one will show up for Father's Day? (with a stipulation that it only stays outside!)

* Still waiting for this baby to come! I'm starting to get worried that she is going to be HUGE! At my 36 week ultrasound she weighed as much as Gage did at his 36 week ultrasound: 5 lbs. 1 oz. He came two weeks early and weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz. If she puts on the pounds like he did, this could be a 9 lbs + baby! YIKES!

* Shaun and I watched Baby Mama Sunday night to try to lighten the anxiety of the waiting game! I forgot how funny that movie was! It was just what I needed!

Hopefully I have good baby news after my appointment tomorrow!!!!!

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