Monday, January 7, 2013

The Rest of Christmas Break

Both big kids went back to school today and it is amazing what I have been able to get done! Here is what we did during the break, post Christmas.

*Miley got her first tooth on Dec. 27 and her second tooth on Jan. 5. This means lots of snuggling with a grumpy baby.

* Miley doesn't have very many winter jammies in this size, so I was going to get her some for Christmas. But then the cheap side of me came out and decided to get some of Gage's old jammies out and let her wear those for a couple of months! She sure looks silly in them!

* We had a sleepover with the cousins, which included an American Girl party with matching jammies and the movie McKenna.

* We went to the Gilbert House (Salem's Children's Museum). The kids played grocery store, trains, rocket ship (in a submarine), time machine, puppet show, veterinary clinic, and created crafts from recyclables.

* We rung in the New Year. Maisey stayed up until New Years in New York then went to bed. We watched "Trouble With the Curve" which ended just after midnight our time.

* We went swimming. The kids were so funny. They would wait at the bottom of the slide while Daddy went down it. Dad would spray them with a mouth full of water and they would run and scream. Miss Miley loved the water and splashed to her hearts content in the baby pool with Mom.

* We went to the local library several times and made it to story time once.

* We played lots of toys and worked on sharing

* Grammy started school on Jan. 2, so we went out to visit her for lunch one day. The kids love to draw on her boards. As we were getting ready to leave I couldn't find Gage. He had found Grammy's iPad and hid in the corner of the room to play it.

* We had a ward game night. Maisey played Fibber, Checkers, Memory, and Go Fish with some big girls. Shaun played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, and I mostly chatted with friends!

* We played lots of family games at home. One morning Shaun was doing Brain Quest with Gage. He asked Gage what chickens lay, and Gage said "Corn Pops!" What a goof!

I thought I would be excited for the kids to be back at school, but I'm not really. I liked the lazy days of the break where we could stay in sweats and jammies until lunch time. Not any more! 6:45 am seems sooooo early!

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that's what she said...

awww, we love the gilbert house! especially the train room....or at least that's my boys' favorite room. ;)

and yeah, that's the thomas town i was referring to. we went a couple years ago during the 1 year period (or so) it was actually open. i guess they didn't renew their liscensing fee to have thomas town so they got rid of it. we were planning on going there for matt's sabbatical this summer when we discovered that. huge bummer!