Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Days

So this is my book of choice on this trip. I was reading the first chapter aloud to Shaun when I had the perfect opportunity to practice the first principal of the book -- say it once, turn your back, walk away. Well, I couldn't really walk away but I could ignore him for a few minutes. 

After a few minutes Gage settled down and it was the first step in helping him realize that he needs to listen to what we say the first time we say it. I helped him move on to a different activity: drawing!!!

A few minutes later, he proudly displayed his picture of me with a frowny face and told me I need to be nice. 

It could be a long 5 days!!!!!


that's what she said...

hahaha! That's hilarious! I'm curious if you have success with this book. I've really been struggling with Ethan's whining and complaining about stuff lately. Maybe I need to try something like this with him!

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

LOL ya be nice mom!! shesh! when you get back in town i'll drop off ephriams child. I have to do something similar with Brayden...she just bugs and bugs and bugs until she gets what she wants...which is a long time (sometimes i have the patience of a saint, ha! actually im just really good with ignoring my children ;) I basically have to say, I hear what your saying, this is my answer, and now this is the end of that conversation. she needs to know i listened, answered her and im/we're done. it was AMAZING to see her actually stop bugging me!! i feel like mom of the year when she walks away!! Good Luck & have a fun trip!!!

Dana and ohana said...

I don't ever have to worry about stuff like that bc my kids are perfect. Now you'll have to excuse me, my nose just grew a million inches.