Friday, July 12, 2013

iPhone Udpate

 We had a few hot days earlier this month, and we spent most of them playing in the water outside. No complaints from these kids!

 Triathlon training is getting pretty old to this babe! I'm running out of ideas to keep her busy in the stroller and bike trailer!

 This kid loved the library. Mostly because I found a stack of train books for him!

 We've been enjoying a lot of salads with lettuce from our garden. Yum!

 Who sleeps with boot slippers on in 90* heat? This kid does!

 I used to smile just like this, when I was like 3! Much cuter on a 1 year old, love her!

 This is what I woke up to one morning, because who doesn't eat cheetos in the buff? At least he put a towel down!

 Picked tons of blueberries.

 The big kids went to swim camp all week! They had a lot of fun and I got a lot done! Win Win!

 I just told Maisey today that she gets to go to the American Girl doll store when we are in Denver! She looks disappointed, huh?

Where's Mi Mi?

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that's what she said...

ha! love that you call miley, mi mi! that's what my friend calls her mylee too! and the picture of the cheeseball grin? so funny!