Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Slurpee Mishap

The kids were begging me to take them to use their free slurpee coupons they got at Maisey's school carnival. I needed to run to the store one day (which I absolutely hate doing with all three kids) so I figured maybe if we stopped and got slurpees on the way they would be occupied in the store.

 It was working perfectly. I gave the rest of mine to Miley so she wasn't squawking at the other kids. They were actually being quiet and good. . .

. . . until Miley spilled hers all down the front of her. She screamed and cried because her slurpee was gone.

Gage was sitting in the basket with his legs under the seat part, so Miley's slurpee spilled all over him. And he screamed and cried because he was wet and cold. 

Slurpee Fail!!!

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