Friday, November 22, 2013

Student of the Quarter, Harvest Party, and Randoms

Maisey was student of the first quarter again this year! We are so proud of how hard she works and how well she behaves at school. Her school had a celebration at a restaurant in town for her and her fellow students of the quarter.

 This is Maisey's teacher, Mrs. Watts. She is seriously AMAZING! Maisey loves her because Mrs. Watts talks fashion with her. I love her because she is so positive with all of the students and really knows how to make learning fun!
Mrs. Watts talked about Maisey for a few minutes at the dinner. She told every one how Maisey can read 200 words per minute! She said the next fastest student reads 129 wpm. And the goal for the end of first grade is 120 wpm. She also talked about how she can pair Maisey up with any student in the class and how Maisey can help her partner stay on task. 

We stopped for ice cream sundaes on our way home from the dinner!  We seriously love this girl so much! 

 Today was Gage's Harvest Party at school. 
They were short volunteers, so I said I could come in as long as I could bring Miley with me (usually they don't like you to bring in other kids). They gladly accepted my help.

 Miley loved being able to tag along with big brother. She sat right behind him for circle time. It was so cute!

 Gage during play time!

 Gage made a beautiful tree (this was the station I was in charge of).

 I have 104 Miley selfies on my phone. 

And after the Harvest Party was over I stopped for some treats to regain my sanity!!! 20 preschoolers and a strong-willed toddler is a lot of work! :)

Other randoms from the week:

 I taught art in Maisey's class this week. This time I left Miley with a friend and it was wonderful!

 I was trying to clean out my closet and let Miley sit in my sink and play. Apparently if you play with bronzer like it is symbols this will happen. And apparently, if you don't wash it out of your sink for a few hours it will stain it. Oops!

 My week is not complete with out a Panera stop. This time it was for a asiago breakfast sandwich. YUM!!

Our week would also not be complete without Gage ruining something. Luckily this week it was a $3 paci and some silly putty from a birthday party goodie bag. It's amazing how dang sticky silly putty can be. We only have two paci's left, and when they are gone, THEY ARE GONE!!

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Danielle said...

great job maisey!!! and your sanity saver looks perfect to me! :)