Tuesday, March 25, 2014

End of February

In an attempt to catch up, here is the rest of February!

 Daddy took the big kids on a date to the Lego Movie, and Miley, Grammy, and I went on a shopping date. I fell in LOVE with these dresses and they may have to find their way here on Easter morning! :)

 I caught him Superman-ing it into the pile of bedding that was ripped of the beds. EEK! 

The young women delivered sweet thank you notes and my favorite candy - Jelly Beans!!!

 My friends car caught on fire on the freeway. I had to go pick her up and I was super impressed that she was calm and collected! I would have been a crying mess!

 This was the second art project for February. Crayon/watercolor resists are always fun!
(I had to have Shaun draw the guy and umbrella for me. I am the worst drawer!)

 My little artist!

 Shaun and I went on a date to the Blazer game.

 Not too bad of a pic for an iphone!

The game was really fun to watch, but these Jazz fans across the court from us were more fun!
And yes, they are wearing vintage Jazz uniforms!

 It's been fun watching Maisey improve over the season. She never scored a basket in a game, but her aggressiveness improved a ton!

 These kids loved having free reign of the tablet and phone. Anything to keep them entertained at basketball!

 We had a neighborhood race. Scooters, strollers, bikes, trikes, and runners! Oh, and Gage had a whistle. Yeah, that was fun.

 We tried out a burger joint in a neighboring town. Consensus: Food was ok, cupcake milkshake was delish!

 Who wouldn't want to wake up to this cute thing?

 Miley enjoyed watching each of the performances at the ward talent show.

 Gage's talent was performing the Macarena! He's got such a cute little bum to shake. Maisey accompanied him just in case he got a little bit shy.

Maisey joined up with some big girls and did a dance. They were so cute and she was so happy to be included with them.

 I did some major Juan Pablo hating during February!

 One Saturday afternoon Shaun took the big kids to the lego store. I think he uses the kids as an excuse to go and look for himself. This is what he came home with for himself. The kids each came home with some things as well. I can't complain too much though because while he was gone, Miley was napping so I sat on the couch and played candy crush in peace and quiet. I probably should have used my time more wisely, but it's nice to veg every once in a while!

 Do you see what movie is playing on the display screen? My Little Pony! And the only two boys in our family are watching intently!

 And, I caught Gage playing ponies with Maisey under the kitchen table. When I went to take a pic, he got really embarrassed! Ha!

 I have over 50 Miley selfies on my phone. This is the ONLY one that includes her whole face! 

 Maisey got a little note from a boy in her class. I thought it was cute until. . .

 I looked inside! Maisey was all embarrassed and didn't want me to show Dad. So I put it on here instead! Haha!

 Some days we resort to fast food for lunch. This girl is not complaining!

 Movie star in the making? At least she'll have nice teeth with the number of times a day she brushes them!

 We went to Grammy's school for lunch. Gage loves to be the teacher while I am his student!

 You think she is ready for 2nd grade? I'm sure it will be here before I know it! 

 Miley has had swollen lymph nodes on her neck since Dec. 31 (at least that's when we first noticed them.) The dr said they were probably swollen because she was sick, and to just keep an eye one them. Finally after having them for 2 months we took her in. He still wasn't too worried. And now, another month later, they are still there. If they are still swollen at her 2 year old check up I might ask for some tests or something. 

 Mom fail: I sent Maisey to school with her dress unzipped all day! Oops! But who wouldn't say something or help her out and zip it up? Oh that's right, we have a sub. . . who is less than awesome. :(

 Shaun was out of town the last week of February and it was kind of a hard week. It ended with a friend attempting suicide and needing our help. Shaun surprised me and came home an hour early with these in hand. He gave them to me and asked, "Emily, will you accept these roses?" Did I mention he watches the Bachelor with me? He actually make me laugh, out loud, on a really hard day. Love him!!!

 Daddy gave Miley a popsicle and he became the favorite parent for that hour!

 He wanted to make sure he secured that title for the rest of the day, so he let her have another! 

We ended February with a barbecue! While dad made some delicious chicken, Gage grilled some equally yummy pinecones!


Danielle said...

what a month of ups and downs!! so sorry about your friend and crazy about the car catching on fire! The love note-oh man, it's just the beginning! good luck! and gage jumping off the top bunk-my boys do the same thing! I keep wondering who's going to break their leg first....

Desiree said...

I always love your art projects, they are so creative. Sorry about the rough end of the week!