Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Update

Shaun let me sleep in our first Saurday with out a basketball game! I woke up to breakfast in bed, but not for me! Haha!

Little miss thing is obsessed with purses, bags, backpacks, and anything that can be used as one, like puzzle boxes.

Maisey's double-decker Lego car

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate some work accomplishments for Shaun (we look for any excuse to celebrate!). We thought that restaurant would keep the kids entertained with all of the TVs. Nope! I don't know why we try to eat out with them, 80% of the time ends up being a frustrating experience.

Sundays used to be cereal nights. The kids complained too much, so we changed it to breakfast for dinner night. A few weeks ago I made crepes with a strawberry filling. I LOVE crepes, but the kids had never had them before. Lets just say I was the only one who liked them! I even liked them so much that I ate the leftovers the next day, and I don't do leftovers!

Miley went visiting teaching with me to a house that had a baby, a dog, and a clown wig! SCORE!!

Ready for school with Gage's coat and backpack!

We went to the mall one morning and got our errands done before it was time to meet Daddy for lunch so Miley and Gage got to hang in the play area for a while. I really should do that more often, they had a blast!

Lunch with Daddy!  It's always a special treat to see Daddy in the middle of the day!

That 61* made my day!!

I've caught him several times peeing on my bushes. :( 
At least he goes behind them so no one can see him!

This was Miley's first no-nap day ever! She just laid in her bed and played for a few hours, but never fell asleep. We sure paid for that later!

I had a good time at our Relief Society Birthday Dinner. We played a trivia game and our table totally rocked it! Who wouldn't though when you put down all of the answers. . . every time! :)

We went back to the doctor's office because Maisey had an ear infection. I'm always embarrassed when Miley is opening all of the cupboards when the doctor walks in the room.

Gage had Dr. Seuss dress up day at school. He couldn't decide which one he wanted to be so he was both!

We put blue gel in his hair, it looked a lot more blue in person than in the pictures.

We finally used our gift card from our Super Bowl win! Yay for free ice cream!

Seriously, romp? Have they run out of vocab words for first graders?

Gage had this funky looking bruise on his hip that had a big lump in the middle of it. I thought we would be headed back to the doctors office, but luckily it cleared up after a few days.

We had several days in a row of massive, massive down pours! At the first sighting of blue skies we grabbed our rain boots and went searching for puddles!

We found some big ones on a running path by our house.

At the deepest parts the puddles went about 3/4 a ways up their boots. So every time they stepped they got soaked and their boots filled with water!

As evidenced by Gage emptying his boots! They really enjoyed the run adventure!

Gage forgot how to put his jammies on!

Miley was super cuddly one night and I ate it up! We rocked and sang songs well passed bedtime. Love nights like that!

Our ward does a potato derby. They provide the potatoes, wheels, and axels, and we bring what ever we want to help it win! This was our car, and guess what?

IT WON!!!!! Those two kids were so proud of it. 

This was Maisey's art project for the first time this month. She happened to be sick that day, so I just had to send in the project for the teacher to do with the kids. I kept one at home for Maisey to do because she was feeling pretty bummed that she missed it.

Laptop shopping! Remember how I told you about that? Yeah, I'm still not very good at using it yet. For instance I was working on the last post and had all of the pictures loaded and about half of the writing done and I accidentally erased it all. I have no idea what I did, it was just gone! :( I'm hoping I get used to this all quickly!

We took the big kids to a hockey game with some friends!

There was a Tom-a-hawk spotting!

We went to Maisey's school OMSI night! I caught Mi checking herself out! Oh, to be a baby again!

Gage was checking out some wind power!

And Maisey especially liked the Tony Hawk exhibit!

I spent about 80% of the time walking around with Miley. Up and down the stairs, on and off of couches, in and out of the elevator. You know, things you can do almost anywhere! Oh well!

Ward temple night! Perfect end to a beautiful day!

We picked Maisey up from craft club and played on her playground for a bit. 

Then came home and played chalk. I love that Maisey can write and spell and draw! She comes up with some creative things!

I did a little bit of yard work in our back yard. And by yard work I mean cleaning up neighbor's cat poop out of our garden! It is sooo disgusting! That bag is FULL!

Grammy snugs, cupcakes, and swings! Perfect day for this babe!

The kids got to play at Grammy's for a bit and pretended to have a sleepover while looking at our wedding pics!

Our 80's track stars were ready to tackle the projects at Maisey's school cleanup day!

This girl has gone to so many swim birthday parties this year, it's ridiculous! Luckily her daddy likes to swim too and doesn't mind accompanying her!

Maisey planned a family talent show. It was pretty low key but it was most definitely happening!
Daddy juggled!

Gage did the Macarena. . . again.

Maisey sang Let it Go and did fabulous!

And Miley said all of the animals sounds from her barn book.

My talent was supposed to be baking a treat! Well, my day got away from me so I bought a treat. Maisey was pretty upset until I explained to her that I have two talents: shopping and baking! I went shopping for a treat that you could bake! It did the trick and I'm pretty sure I won the talent show!

Take that juggling!

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