Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maisey has Surgery, Mom is Traumatized!

Today was a traumatizing day for both Maisey and I. Probably more for me because she won't ever remember it, but this is something I will never forget. Let me start from the beginning. . .

During November, we noticed a bump on Maisey's right eye, just below her eyebrow. We met with our pediatrician about it and he sent us to meet with a pediatric surgeon from Primary Children's. The surgeon determined it was a dermoid cyst and that it needed to be removed. So we set the surgery date for today!

So to start the day off, we got to the hospital about 6:30 am. First of all, hospitals bring up sad things for me, so I wasn't thrilled to be there in the first place. After some paperwork, and meeting with the surgeon, anaesthesiologist, and operating room nurse, Maisey was taken from us. That was one of the hardest things that I have had to do in my life. How was I supposed to send my child away with someone she didn't know and be put to sleep with out me? Well, I guess it is a common practice because I made Shaun ask if we were able to go with her, and the nurse kindly said, "No." So we sent her off, I cried a little, and then we waited, and waited, and waited for what seemed an eternity. The surgeon came back about an hour later and told us that everything went great and that he thinks he got it all out. What a relief. Ten minutes later they brought Mais back to us. She was still pretty out of it and was having a hard time waking back up. She was really agitated and cried for a while. Who can blame her? She fell asleep (well, actually put to sleep by a gas mask, and then kept asleep by an IV placed in her foot) with out her Mommy, and woke up with out her Mommy. After the first half and hour that she was back she calmed down quite a bit. I was able to feed her (she hadn't eaten since 10:00 pm the night before, and it was now 8:30) and then the nurse took the IV out of her foot. After that we were ready to go home. Here are some pics from our day!
Pre-op Maisey! She hated her hospital jammies. The second we put them on her she screamed. (I think she screamed because they weren't pink!)

Post-op Maisey. This is her scar. It's a little over an inch long. The surgeon put super glue on it instead of stitches because it is supposed to help with scarring. I am kind of glad that she doesn't have stitches because I think she would have pulled at them a lot.

Close up of her scar! It hasn't swelled too much yet, but the doc said to expect that tomorrow. The later it got in the evening, the more black and blue it became.

Pretty much the whole day we just hung out on the couch. We slept for 4 hours when we got home, then we watched the BYU basketball game. Mais just laid there and watched it. Grandpa would have been so proud. (Because she was so in to it and because BYU trashed CSU!)

Since the surgery, I was talking to my mom and she made me feel a lot better. She said that she was praying that my dad would be with Maisey during the surgery. I am sure he was. Maisey was his pride and joy. If I couldn't be there to support Mais through this traumatic experience, I would have chosen my dad. Thanks Dad! I love you!


Tess said...

what an ordeal! it's so sad when little people have to go threw big things. i'm sure your dad was there to help. how neat to have an angel for your family!

DaNae said...

I'm not even related to Maisey and that made me cry! Poor thing. But I'm glad the surgery went well. And those hospital jammies are pretty cute!!You should get her a new toy for going through that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Maisey had to go through all of that. It's so hard to send your children back into the O.R. and not being able to be there with them. But I'm sure that her grandpa was there watching over her. We sure love him and I know he loves her. I'm glad that everything went well and hopefully this will be it!

JeffnHolly said...

Wow! That is a hard thing. I couldn't even imagine having to leave my baby alone at the hospital. You are brave. I am glad that she is doing well though. I'm sure she will have a great recovery.

Trinna Adams said...

Oh, How sweet she is! That's so hard. My little boy has had a few surgeries as a tiny baby too, once while he was barely 5 lbs, so I know the scariness of letting them go at Primary Children's too. -And having them be starving from the night before!
So glad that it was a one time thing for little Maisey.
She's such a little doll! Hope she feels better soon!