Friday, March 7, 2008

Pulling a Mom

So, out of all of my siblings, I am the most like my mom. I would say 90% of the time, I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be like her. But then there is the other 10%. My mom can sometimes be absent minded and silly. It's not too uncharacteristic for her to do things that are just totally out of the ordinary or sometimes really dumb. But when the rest of us do something like that we say, "You just pulled a Mom!" because usually it is something that my mom would do, or has done.

Well, I tell you all of that, because today has been a rough day for me! I pulled not one mom, but 2! Shaun and I took Maisey on a walk today because we had some close by places that we needed to go. So we went to the health center (just down the street) so I could pick up a prescription. I paid for it, and then we left. Then we walked across the street to the dry cleaners to pick up all of Shaun's puke stuff that needed to be cleaned. While we were there I noticed that I no longer had my wallet. So, we walked back across the street to the health center, and sure enough I had left it on the counter there!

So, on Friday nights, Shaun works from 4 pm to 4 am Saturday morning. This makes for incredibly boring nights at home with Maisey. Our incredible neighbors had some family visiting from Idaho this weekend and they were going to Brick Oven for dinner. They invited Maisey and I to tag along. Since I didn't have any other better offers for the night, I decided to go with them. By the time we got there, were seated, got our food, and left it was past 9:00 pm (Maisey's bedtime). So when we got home, she was incredibly tired. I was getting her in her p.j.'s when I heard a knock on our door. I went to answer it and it was our neighbor Tim. He handed me his phone and said that Shaun wanted to talk to me. I thought it was really weird that Shaun called Tim's phone to talk to me. So I got on with him and he told me that Brick Oven had called my mom and told her that I left my phone on the table. Well, my mom couldn't call me because I didn't have my cell phone and we don't have a house phone. So she called Shaun at work to tell him. So Shaun called Tim and so that's when he came over.

So to say the least, "I pulled a mom!" But even worse, "I pulled a mom!" twice in the same day! I don't even think my mom has done that! I know, I know, it must be talent . . . or lack of sleep. You choose!

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David & Wendy Pendergrass said...

This story is hilarious! I really enjoyed it. Do you think being a Mom has made you more absent minded? I sure feel like it has done that to me, or maybe it is just a lack of sleep!