Sunday, March 2, 2008

So Thankful for Moms and Neighbors!

Well, our last few days in Oregon were eventful. In the middle of the night Wednesday night, I woke up really sick. I spent most of the night throwing up. Since Shaun was not with me, my mom was the one to clean me (and the bathroom) up and to take care of me in the middle of the night. Then she still had to wake up early and go to school to teach her class the next day. I am so thankful for her and all that she did for me.

We flew home Friday morning, and Friday night when I was rocking Mais to sleep, she started vomiting everywhere. She was sick through the night and all morning. I felt so bad for this poor little helpless baby. All yesterday and today, she just cuddled with Shaun and I (mostly Shaun). I think she got the bug worse than I did. Now that I know what it is like to clean up throw up in the middle of the night (and all day) I have such a greater and deeper appreciation for my mom. I love you Mom!

Saturday evening our neighbors came over to see how our trip was and to see how Maisey was feeling. I told them about the bug that Mais and I had and then later that night they showed up with some pizza for dinner! (Shaun was so grateful that he did not have to eat cereal for dinner). Then today they came to check on Mais again and brought her a book "Maisey's Favorite Animals". I hope Maisey gets feeling better soon so she can start playing with Tori again. Maisey misses her little friend, and I miss my time with Tori's mom, Jenny.

Anyway, that's the latest here. I hope no one else gets what we have! And if you do, I hope you have a wonderful mom (or husband) and great neighbors to help make life a little easier.

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