Sunday, May 4, 2008


This was a crazy time for us because both of our families were here. Things were pretty busy, but we managed to get some fun pictures!

Shaun is wearing his Master's hood. He looks like a Jedi or a Dark Sith. (He had to tell me what those were!)
Shaun and I just received our diploma covers! Woohooooo! Now we are waitin for the actual diplomas!
I love this picture with the pretty flowers! You can kind of see campus behind us!
Maisey and her Daddy! She was such a good girl in her dress and cap!
I ordered Maisey a graduation cap online! Of course it was pink. Her favorite color (because it is mine)! She thought she was so cute. Who could argue?

So I am kind of glad that all of the hassle is over, but we got some good pictures, ate some good food, and definitely made some memories.

BYU is a great place to go to school. We really enjoyed our years there, and we feel like it really prepared us for the next phase of our lives! Thanks BYU!!!

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Toby and Tammy said...

Congrats on graduating! YEA!